1. BG Crew

    The Yawhg #5: Where we break everything!

    Check out our newest episode of the Yawhg where Delta breaks the arena in a fight with a demon baby, and Elaina breaks the gardens while trimming the hedges.
  2. CreepChomper

    Gaming Gaming Collabs!

    I like to play steam games and minecraft you must have over ten subs and must have a mic the end my discord is CreepChomper#7051
  3. boydjenkins18

    Gaming ✅HARDCORE PC Gamers COLLAB!

    Attention for all Hard Core Pc Gamers out there. I would love to make a collaboration and have fun with every single one of you and make consistent gaming content every day. Playing a game by yourself and recording yourself is, a bit, not fun anymore. Lets talk a little about myself and my...
  4. CreepChomper

    Gaming Minecraft,Trove,(esc) collabs

    Im doing minecraft, trove, portal 2, and tf2. Prefer if you play one of the games above well you have to really ;). But I dont like little kids faking there age so dont just dont!
  5. UndergroundSeries

    Play Every Game For Your Channel

    So you want to record gameplay for a specific game but you dont have enough money to buy them all ? I got a smart solution for you :). You can use the return program on steam and origin. - Origin Rules You need to return te game in 24 Hours to get your money back - Steam You can return the...
  6. JanPlays_

    Antichamber | Game Reviews | Like no other game you've ever played

    Hello everyone, today I'm reviewing AntiChamber! A game with a giant map full of illusions, tricks, clues and things that you have to find! This game is like no other game i've ever played. The ratings are very positive everywhere and I rate it 9.5/10 Please Subscribe if you enjoyed!
  7. UltimateHersh

    Gaming PC Gaming 18+ (NOT MINECRAFT)

    I wanna meet some people so we can help each other grow! Games I think will make good collabs: L4D, CS:GO, G-MOD Killing floor or maybe something silly we find on the internet, I don't suppose it has to be gaming specific either, just let me know what you have in mind
  8. ColdyHD

    Gaming PC Collab - See Min Req

    Hello everyone, i'm Coldy, 16. I have been doing youtube for about 1-2 weeks now and im really looking to grow my audiance and i am really proffesional with work so i am searching for one who also is very professional and care about their work. I would want to record gameplay of CSGO Funny...
  9. Yodysseus IV

    Steam Greenlight ISOLATION Spotlight!

    Check out this game's Steam Greenlight page and thumbs it up!
  10. Yodysseus IV

    How to get Zombie Playground for free! + DLC

    Free keys for the game & dlc are being given away on Check it out!!
  11. ColdyHD

    Gaming Looking for CSGO & Rocket leauge PC Collab 100+ subs req

    Hey My name is Coldy i am 16 years old. i have been doing professional youtube for around a week now my videos have gained a total around 220 views and i am at 130 subsribers. I am looking for a funny, mature and relevent youtuber that aims to be proffesional and wants to grow his/her channel...
  12. The Clark Knight

    10 Cheap/Free Halloween Games

    Feel free to check out my channel! Any support is appreciated (:
  13. Tuttiman

    Gaming Looking for a gaming partner to do a shellshock series and much more on PC.

    I'm looking for guys or girls who uses a PC and would like to have a partner to record with. Not Squad but partner. where we can go do 1v1 against each others for challenges and s**t. I'm 15 from the UK, so I would prefer anyone who can cope with my timezone. I have 273 subs. Criteria is that...
  14. Doctor Dano

    Gaming 18+ collab, PS4/Steam [audio/facecam]

    Hi everybody, I am looking for people for future collabs. Like the title says, 18+, PS4 or Steam, audio or facecam vids. Let's look for trending games and work something out together. My channel is not strictly gaming, so there is flexibility. Check out my channel for an overal idea. This...
  15. En_crypted

    Commentary Commentary Collab anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video But I have requirements have to have over 100 subscribers some what good at editing and photoshop have a PC have Gmod and Steam I don't think it matters much for the last...
  16. zachwgtv

    Gaming Dead by Daylight

    Sup guys! New to this forum! Looking for a 4-man survivor team for Dead by Daylight. If you like the game and want to do collaboration videos, do hit me up by commenting here or just email me at: It'll be cool if you have at least 1K subscribers! (I'm at 14K)
  17. Abstract Gaming x2

    Gaming Looking to do a collab.

    I am looking to do a collab. I have 100 subs and mostly play on xbox one and pc. If anyone is interested just message me on here and we will set it up. My youtube tag below works if you wish to check me out first.
  18. Salt Report

    Salt Report - Digital Homicide vs The World

    Digital Homicide seems to be really driven...driven to drive themselves into the ground! They shot back into the limelight this week with yet another long-shot lawsuit. This time focused on 100 individuals and even Valve! Learn more about it in this episode of SALT REPORT!
  19. Adelle

    Smaller File Size: Free Video File Converter ~ USE THIS ~

    So, I was recording with Loilo. It's a pretty nice recording software to be free. It's very easy and simple to use. Only leaves a watermark unless you edit the video with Loilo Scope. (I record with Loilo and edit with a separate software because I'm broke atm) So, when I record with Loilo, my...
  20. A

    Gaming PC Brawlhalla Collab

    Hey I am TwistSaxon and I need 3 youtubers who play brawlhalla or want to play Brawlhalla(Its on steam for free). I have 10 subscribers so i am pretty low but I honestly do not care how many views or subscribers you have I just want to record and play Brawlhalla as a youtube collab. Inbox me at...
  21. D

    Gaming CS:GO COLLAB?

  22. Tyler Andrews

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey there! My name is Tyler Andrews and I'm searching for people with a little bit bigger of a fan base and video engagement than what I've really seen in the gaming forum so far... Currently, I have 215 Subscribers, and my view counts are (TOTAL: 4,727) This past week: 324 views. (Just started...
  23. D

    Gaming Looking For PC Collab Partners!

    Hi I'm a pretty small YouTuber but I'm looking to expand my channel by doing collabs with other Youtubers, I have many games on steam like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Don't Starve Together and much more!
  24. B

    Gaming pc collaboration

    steam: bigcam call of duty gta 5 cs go just funny moments etc mic
  25. B

    Gaming pc collaboration

    requirements gta 5 cs go call of duty bo1-bo3 and waw a mic hit puberty not a cuck or sjw or White Knight steam: bigcam
  26. C

    Gaming (PC) Gaming Collab

    I am a new gamer (playing any family friendly content) and wanting to start collaborating. I would like to have a partner or a group to share content. You can have any subs or none at all. For my channel type "CatCrafter YT" in YouTube. Requirements: - Must have Skype - Must be over 10 - Must...
  27. K

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Collab With

    Hey there, I am only 15 years old so if you want older people sorry about that. I am looking for people to collab with in the hope I can grow my channel to the 350+ range. I play pc games on steam and I play two in particular games, Freestyle Basketball 2 and Gmod. So if anyone would be kind...
  28. Anjim

    Don't Put Your Wishlist On Youtube And Other Channels Rant

    I can't stand doing this!
  29. UDIBro

    Gaming PC AU colab

    i want to do a colab might turn into something more. DM me on Twitter @UDIBro requirements: No speaky voices Decent computer Decent mic Have some of my games Use Discord or Teamspeak Games i have to colab with: CS:GO Gmod just cause 2 multiplayer warframe magicka orcs must die! unchained...
  30. MKS37LOTUS

    Gaming ****(PC) COLLABORATIONS (500+subs)****

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION any1 can add me on skype, If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...