Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video

But I have requirements
  • have to have over 100 subscribers
  • some what good at editing and photoshop
  • have a PC
  • have Gmod and Steam
I don't think it matters much for the last one about Gmod but yea.
If you meet the requirements then you should reply with your Skype account so I can add you.

illuminati confirmed?! --->:alien2:
I meet all the requirements!

My Skype is: ikryptic_hd

Suggestion: I think we should do a podcast kind of thing. We could discuss more on Skype.
I have 130+- subs on my other channel that I kind of left behind.
I have decent video editing skills, but I use more basic software for image editing.
When it comes to Steam, not only that I have it, but my channel actually focuses on it. ;)
But... I don't really play Gmod. :(
If I'm good enough :angelic2: my Skype is roman01129