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  1. Justine

    Cosplayer Momokun is CANCELED

    I'm posting this here because Momokun has cosplayed a ton of video game characters, and I genuinely associate her and her cosplay in general more with gaming. Plus you guys might be more familiar with her. So on July fourth, people started to come forward on how the cosplayer Momokun (Mariah...
  2. Justine

    Youtubers make kids fat

    You read that right. A recent article posted on BBC New's website basically just suggested that youtubers may make kids fat due to influence, and they specifically used Zoella as an example. So yeah, to explain my recent weight gain, I'm just gonna say Zoella made me fat. While also completely...
  3. En_crypted

    Commentary Commentary Collab anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video But I have requirements have to have over 100 subscribers some what good at editing and photoshop have a PC have Gmod and Steam I don't think it matters much for the last...
  4. MZ-101

    Shorter Let's Plays | what do you guys think now?

    In continuing to better my channel and deliver the absolute content I can possibly deliver. This time by some of you guys requests. I shortened the length of my Let's play Gameplays. What do you guys think? Better?