steam collab

  1. BDKYoutube

    Gaming Looking for people to join a collaboration group

    Title says it all really: I'm looking for people who want to collaborate and record with some relaxed people. We can collab on games like CSGO, gmod, OverWatch, Paladins, Heroes of the Storm, Space Engineers and lots of other games too. Doesn't matter how many subs you have and as long as you...
  2. boydjenkins18

    Gaming ✅HARDCORE PC Gamers COLLAB!

    Attention for all Hard Core Pc Gamers out there. I would love to make a collaboration and have fun with every single one of you and make consistent gaming content every day. Playing a game by yourself and recording yourself is, a bit, not fun anymore. Lets talk a little about myself and my...
  3. En_crypted

    Commentary Commentary Collab anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video But I have requirements have to have over 100 subscribers some what good at editing and photoshop have a PC have Gmod and Steam I don't think it matters much for the last...
  4. M

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab! (MC and Free Steam games)

    Looking for someone to do a PC gaming collab! Anybody who has a steam account and a minecraft account with the following things can join!: Decent mic Decent computer Knowledge to create a minecraft server / Steam account (all free steam game access) Age 11-14 (Not required) (I'm 12) Skype...
  5. SeaBear Plays

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    I would like to start a Funny Moments Crew with my friend so we have more of a group together! Games we play are Left 4 Dead 2, Csgo, Black Ops 3, CoD WaW, and some more! Just reply here with your skype and steam username if interested :) Ok thanks for your time.