Attention for all Hard Core Pc Gamers out there.

I would love to make a collaboration and have fun with every single one of you and make consistent gaming content every day. Playing a game by yourself and recording yourself is, a bit, not fun anymore.

Lets talk a little about myself and my channel :
- I am a 20 yr. Old guy with passion of making gaming videos. However 2 weeks ago I just realized that this is going nowhere. My channel is getting just a little views and I started to get bored playing single player game. But then I played with one of my friends twice and I found it awesome to play with people since you can talk to them even with just stupid things as long they are open minded. My friend just went overseas for work and we did not get a chance to play again , and did not record even one of our gameplay aswell.

-Anyway enough of my sad life story.

-Here's the deal my channel have 288 subs and 16k views. And i would love to collaborate with anyone and i don't care if you have zero subs as long as you have videos uploaded recently.

Game I owned as of now:
-Dota 2
-Counter strike: Global Offensive
-A.O.T Wing of freedom
-Mafia 3
-Deus Ex Mankind Divided
- Walking dead A New Frontier
- Black Ops 2 ( I will buy black ops 3 if necessary for the collaboration)
- Pooshooter
-League of Legends

Some of the games that I owned I am not very good at are Counter strike and black ops. But if you're really serious about this collaboration, being good in a game does not matter, right? We are forming this Gaming Collaboration to have fun and grow our channels together , And not to bragg our/your gaming skills.

PS: English is my second language , So I hope that there is no discrimination going on for this collaboration.

- Hopefully This collaboration grows and when that happens we are forming a facebook group or group here or on steam.

- Add me on steam and keep this thread bumped if possible.
Steam ID: boydjenkins
Discord: boydjenkins18 #2839

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