pc gamers

  1. Jaise

    Gaming Expanding Gaming Crew (PC Only)

    I've been recording gaming content over the last couple of weeks to get a backlog for a future slate of uploads, but for the amount I need, my current crew is usually too busy to compensate for it. (It's not their fault. Different time zones and work get in the way.) I want to expand to a...
  2. bshink

    Gaming Someone to Startup a Channel With (PC)

    As you probably all know, Editing is very difficult in the world of youtube and videos. I want to make a 3 person channel. I have 1 other person, who is good at making thumbnails and graphic art, stuff like that. I'm looking for someone who would help me out with some editing. Perks: 1. I'll...
  3. BG Crew

    Card City Nights #5: Welcome to the Jungle!

    We got fun and games!
  4. BG Crew

    Card City Nights #4: We have some hip cows

    Dan was a depressed young man, a depressed young man was he. Prepare yourselves for a silly song.
  5. KrivixHD

    Gaming PC GAMERS HERE for collab

    IF YOU ARE A PC GAMER HIT ME UP ON DISCORD. -im 13 almost 14 looking for kids around 13-16 -I play about anything - I got a channel with 2.6k - looking for people with maybe 500 and up unless you got great comedy and we have good chemistry - I live in EST so hopefully that doesnt effect your...
  6. LM7 Gamer

    Gaming PC Gamers Friday the 13th looking for 5 people.

    My name is Lucas, call me LM7. I am working to get a group of small youtubers in on some Friday the 13th on PC. If your intrested please reply and add my steam LM7. I have and am 14 so please be 14+ of age. and thats it, thank you.
  7. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED - Looking for consistent PC gamers

    Hey guys, I'm a girl gamer looking for some consistent youtuber gamers to not only collab with but to hopefully make a little group. I put my gender because i feel like there aren't a lot of girl gamers, so it would be cool if some would like to join. However, gender does not matter. I'd...
  8. BG Crew

    Outlast #9: Chunky like my body!

    Are you satisfied being a person?
  9. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #70: Embrace the Drugs.

    And that's what happens when you wear a car as a hat...
  10. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #66: Whales Are Terrorists Don't Ya Know?

    You can't dock helicopters.
  11. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys! I am Miksa and I am looking for people to collab with on pc in the US/Canada area. Mainly csgo and perhaps black ops 2. You need to be nice, respectful, not swear in videos (well, try not to at least) and have a sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. Here are the requirements; -Age...
  12. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third: #64: Let's touch dicks

    Lots of car f*****g in this one
  13. boydjenkins18

    Gaming ✅HARDCORE PC Gamers COLLAB!

    Attention for all Hard Core Pc Gamers out there. I would love to make a collaboration and have fun with every single one of you and make consistent gaming content every day. Playing a game by yourself and recording yourself is, a bit, not fun anymore. Lets talk a little about myself and my...
  14. B

    Gaming collaborate (PC games GTAV, Gmod) funny moments

    hi guys i am a 13 year old boy looking for some other kids that are near my age to collaborate with. i want to make some funny moments videos. i play GTAV, Gmod. anyone can join prefered age is 12-15
  15. KevinDoesStuff

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers to make Group

    Hey Guys I am KDS Gaming I am looking for some PC Gamers up to like 3 or 4 to make a group where we all collab and make videos for each others channel and we help each other with things related to our channels. Requirements Must be between ages of 13 to 18 (I am 15 don't want people who are...
  16. TGDS

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers to collab with.

    Hey, my names Daniel, My YT is a gaming channel, and I'm looking to do some collaboration videos, with people of the same interest, we are up for trying any game, and our channel is only a week old and we have 20 subscribers already (Mommmm get the camera!!!) if you are interested leave a...
  17. R

    Gaming PC Gamer Who Needs YouTube Partners! (13 years old+)+)

    Hello Everyone! I'm Rayman684, and I need a partner on youtube so views and subscribers can rise more, all I need is some info and make sure you meet my one requirement, you're 13 or older! INFO NEEDED: What Software Is Your Computer? (Windows,Mac,Linux) Mines Windows How much RAM does it have...
  18. gymiria san

    Gaming youtube partner(pc)

    i dont think the title is good lol, but anyway, he guys, i'm looking for youtuber to play together multiplayer games, if you up please hit me up with your skpye name,or steam name so we can talk about it!
  19. NoobButPro Gaming

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft and Black ops 3 collaboration

    I am Very excited to Record with amazing new You Tubers and i would like to post minecraft mini-games (PC) and also i would love to play black ops 3 (also PC) with others. I have 126 subs and i would like people to join at a similar size. Also regarding black ops 3, its still a relatively games...
  20. Billy Cochrane

    Gaming Looking to collab on any PC game. Details in thread

    Requirements: You need to be atleast 14yrs old with a decent microphone. That's all. Note: I'm 16 and Scottish Just hit me up for collaborations. Willing to play any PC game. »Facebook - halfdeadlyyt »YouTube - halfdeadly »Skype - halfdeadly
  21. TailoredTeen

    Gaming PC Gaming, 17+ Age, Funny Games

    Hey guys, Looking for some people to play with, get to know, and become friends as we play! I'm looking for humorous girls/guys that are 17 years or older. **Need a good mic** Sort of like Jelly, Kwebblecop, and Slogoman or Vanoss's group. I currently play on the PC, GTA V Counter Strike:GO...
  22. iButtonsi

    Gaming PC Colabs - Indie Games or Gary's Mod

    Hi Guys, I am trying to set up some sort of collaboration to play some games. I really don't care what games, I just want some people to Raz around with. Lately I have been playing Duck Game, Gary's Mod, Rocket League. L4D. Im willing to play anything, you can record or I can whatever you...
  23. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Collaboration for xbox/PC games

    Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment. Requirments...
  24. Dread Chemical

    Gaming Chaotic Crew (PC Group)

    Hello guys and girls welcome to this thread My name is Dread and i'm here to give you guys a chance to join a gaming group where we play games like Gmod, GTA 5, Speedrunners, Don't Starve Together, Dead Realm, Contagion, AVP, CS:GO and much more In the group we are best buds and we like to...
  25. H1_Gaming

    Gaming Looking for Battlefield PC gamer for strong colab.

    Hi I'm Lucas and i'm 15, I predominantly play Battlefield 4 on PC, I Live in England (useful for going on same servers) I definitely will play other games from time to time. (-: I have a set schedule of 2-3 videos a week, I would love to make at least one as a collaboration every week. If anyone...
  26. mighTYLER99

    Gaming Small PC Gamers

    Hi! My Name Is Ty, Anyways I'm A Small PC Gaming Youtuber And Would Like To Collab! My Only Requirements Are: You Comment Below Your Skype, U Are 14+, And U Don't Cuss I Play A Variety Of Games, Mainly Minecraft And Free Steam Games, Thanks For Reading!