Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment.

United States time zone work period
Platforms: PC and or Xbox 1
Games: Gmod, Minecraft, GTA V (Currently)
Microphone of good quality.
Record with audacity.

I'm more of a straight forward person when it comes to not recording. When recording lets have fun.

If you are interested please message me by one of the methods below.

Email: FirstOrderEntertainment@gmail.com
Skype: lunarknight1369

Let's have fun, don't be shy. It will be a trial period to see if we work well together!
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Hello every, I'm Izaak from First Order Entertainment. Currently my crew has been diminish down to one other person and I. I'm the Owner of the channel. The channel is a entertainment channel. WE mostly do gaming and news on games. I'm currently looking for 2-3 more people to join First Order Entertainment. If you have your own YouTube and wish to join, you keep your YouTube and continue videos on it while also working for FOE. If you don't have a YouTube or you wish to delete it and join FOE that is fine.

  • Must be the age 16 or greater.
  • Must live in USA (For time purposes)
  • Must have good video/audio quality capabilities
  • Must do PC gaming (Xbox1 is optional as that will be added by new years.)
    If you don't do gaming and are more into video editing/graphical designs you are welcome too.
  • Must be able to joke around and talk, Shyness is not how a YouTuber may be.
  • Must be able to work as a team. THIS IS NOT ONE SIDED, we help each other.
If you think you fit the requirments and would make a good addition to my team please be sure to contact me at
Skype: lunarknight1369
Email: firstorderentertainment@gmail.com
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Hey guys, I'm Izaak from First Order Entertainment. I'm currently looking for people to do collaberation videos with. Some games I play are Listed below.
  • Garry's Mod
  • Minecraft
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Payday 2
  • unturned
I have only a few request from those that want to collaborate.
  1. Be from US for the reasons of accent issues, and timing
  2. Be the age of 16 or older
  3. Have good quality mic with no background noise
  4. Be talkative, with some humor.
Either leave a reply below
Message me on skype (lunarknight1369)
Or message me by email (Firstorderentertainment@gmail.com)

I'ma also partnered with Freedom! check them out at freedom.tm
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