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  1. ZaFoxHD

    Gaming Looking for up and coming youtubers to make gaming videos with!

    Hi there, I'm ZaFox but you can just call me George, I have a youtube channel with around 200 subscribers. I make funny gaming videos and the occasional irl/reaction video thrown in as well. I want to find some people who make similar videos to mine with a similar amount of subs so we can make...
  2. S

    Gaming Looking for a PC Gaming Funny moments group (5000+ Subs)(No Sub Requirement)

    I'm looking for other YouTubers to play csgo with and just make constant jokes and make eachother laugh and there veiwers laugh too.The only technical requirements are a good microphone, a decent PC, and Discord. Discord:Social Gamer #4844 Games I'm looking to play: - GTA V (PC) - H1Z1 (PC) -...
  3. T

    Gaming Collab anyone?

    My name is TurkeyBoy55 I’m the creator of the YouTube group core 4! My channel started 1 month ago and already has 1,500 subscribers! But I’m now growing at 75 to 125 subscribers a day! So anyone want to do a collab with me!
  4. P

    Gaming I am looking for someone to collaborate with...

    If you want to collaborate with me, just go to my channel, Proconic, and comment! I stay active on youtube!
  5. PracticalGaming

    Gaming Looking for collab on PC or Xbox One

    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, I love playing video games, favorite rapper is Drake, I have a somewhat potty mouth so in this collaboration I am looking for someone who has a similar sense of humor. I just built a PC so I am just starting to play games online such as Roblox, Happy Wheels &...
  6. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab cod!!!

    Hey everyone is Ray Wrecks here looking to start collaborating with other gamers. Just on Xbox one. I have 50subs. Want some one with 25or more.
  7. AMX Gaming

    Very Fun Collab With Jax | Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

    This keep talking and nobody explodes with Jax collab was so much fun we both went blind, had no idea what to do and it made for an intense but fun game to play together. we both took turns deactivating the bomb and talking each other through the process of disarming the bomb, a big thank you...
  8. Johndell

    Gaming Looking for Hack n Slash channels to Collab with

    Hey, I'm Johndell (Or AmazingGaming), I started YouTube like a 6 months ago and was looking for someone to collab with to get my channel going. I'm 16 and I'm from Philippines, It doesn't really matter where you're from cause cuz i ain't a picky one.
  9. Gabriel Fuentes

    Gaming Starting a YouTube Gaming Group!

    I'm looking for YouTube collaborators that want to start a gaming group. I'm basically down to play anything as long as it's fun! I'm a really funny guy and I want to find people like me that are driven to be successful and persistent on YouTube! My channel name is G. Fuego and my email address...
  10. Metricate

    Gaming Looking for YT Collaborations!

    My channel: MetricateGames (9,200 Subscribers) Why collaborate? It gives both of us an opportunity to reach new people that have never heard of us before and potentially earn a few more active subscribers. Requirements: - Must have atleast 1,000 Subscribers. -Must be averaging approx 500+...
  11. jakzkinn

    Gaming small channel looking for a collaborative group of people.

    As the channel states I'm looking for people to collaborate with so we can all have our channels grow. I'm 19 years of age and I play on PC and PS4. I usually play games such as call of Duty, rainbow 6 siege, and horror games. If you're interested let me know and I'll get back to you! cheers!
  12. AZOZ

    Gaming Vanoos/ sidemen/ soviatwomble funny moments group

    I'm looking for a group of funny people that we can collab and form a group like vanoos/ sidemen/ ZF ( soviatwomble group Sub doesn't matter I'm on ps4 and GtaV is the best choice Age doesn't matter as long as you're mature If you're interested just comment below
  13. robotgamerplays

    Gaming looking for weekly funny montage collab

    hope you get interested im actually a fan of vanoss and i like his video style so i am interested on making that the collab funny gaming ... also cause i like to play games
  14. SoloEclipze

    Gaming Minecraft Collab Group?! [+13]

  15. Natical

    Gaming Gmod!

    Im trying to get a group of 4-5 YouTubers to do a gmod funny moments. Will play on different servers and just have fun. REQUIREMENTS - 13+ (in age) 10+ Subscribers Skype Gmod If you are interested, hit me up on Skype Skype-alexiscool940
  16. RedKid

    Gaming Someone who plays Minecraft Pixelmon on PC

    Can someone tell me their Skype if they are age 10-13 and play Minecraft Pixelmon or Minecraft Minigames.
  17. Lacertus

    Gaming Forming a collab group to play gta 5! (Xbox one)

    Hello everyone! If you want to play custom races, or just mess around in gta 5, message me in xbox one. Also I might record it on my elgato hd60! My Xbox gt: SqueakySandwich I am 13, but you can look at my videos, and I don't sound like a "squeaker" (even though my gt is squeakysandwich) XD
  18. Calamityking

    Gaming Collabs anyone? Ps4 @imight69ya twitter @calamityking69

    Yo whats up channels alike I am looking for someone to collab with Monday-thursday that are able to do in the am (Eastern standard time) is the zone i live in you don't need to be in the same zone but hit me up with a message on twitter @calamityking69 to work something out. I have a ps4 with...
  19. vT Injustice

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to start collaborating with a few other YouTubers that like to have fun playing video games and are passionate about YouTube. The console I play on is Xbox and the current games I play are Destiny and Call of Duty. I have a pretty small channel (14 subscribers) right now...
  20. N

    Gaming need someone to record minecraft skyfactory 2.5 with!

    okay so im looking for someone to download and play the minecraft modpack skyfactory 2.5 with on youtube. -anyone 15 and older can ask me -you have to know skyfactory a little -subcount does not matter since im pretty new my self. -lastly come and have fun on the server. my skype is --> nino...
  21. K

    Gaming Mcpe Collab

    YT - KTC - MINECRAFT & MORE For More Info
  22. Racurz

    Gaming COD Collab

    Yo guys what is up My name is Racurz and i'm just wondering if anyone wants to do a collab on Call of Duty I currently have 35 subs and would love if you guys could collab with me Number of subs Pleae have atleast 20 Guys please have a sense of humour and just be relaxed and cool. Also guys...
  23. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Looking For people to collab with (any sub count)

    Hey all My name is Trevor from Divide And Conquer. I am a gaming YouTuber who plays VR and PC games like The Forest, Ark Survival, Rust, Savage Lands, Space Engineers, Tabletop Simulator and Much much more. If you are interested in a collab go ahead and leave a message below and a link to your...
  24. cosmicopalite

    Gaming PC group recording collaboration

    I am setting up to start playing some multiplayer games and would like some people to record/play with and have fun while doing so. The requirements are that: You have to be 18+: I would feel uncomfortable recording with minors im sorry its just me, A microphone: Very preferred, if you do not...
  25. Mr Softy

    Gaming Looking for like minded gamer/s to collab with on PS4 or PC

    Hey all. Im looking for like minded people to do some collaborations with. Im a high energy PS4 and PC gamer looking to reach out and connect with other content creators. Reason for collaboration: I just want to promote my channel in a positive way with other like minded youtubers and have...
  26. M

    Gaming Collab?

    hey everyone I post mainly gaming videos and i have around 500 subscribers! Im just looking for people to collab with! let me know if you are interested. My channel is (mynameisblu)
  27. D

    Gaming Need A Youtube Gaming Group

    I need a few people to create a youtube gaming group note; Ps4 with gta cod fifa rocket league my psn is djghostgaming
  28. Chris woods

    Gaming Looking to collab (PS4)

    Hello there I'm looking to collab with some people on ps4. The requirements are to have: • A good mic • 50 subscribers or more • Friendly people If you meet these requirements message me my PSN is: TR_Guardians and also I mostly play gta, overwatch, black ops 3, and more.
  29. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Anyone want to collab!? (800 subs) (PC)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  30. Soular

    Gaming Tube Ps4 Squad

    hey there you lovely people of tube talks i am Soular and i am looking for you. yes you reading this post to tag along with me on our tube adventures all the way to the top but i want to say this i would you to *please be 17 and older *be open to ideas on content and bettering our craft as...