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Yo guys what is up My name is Racurz and i'm just wondering if anyone wants to do a collab on Call of Duty

I currently have 35 subs and would love if you guys could collab with me
Number of subs Pleae have atleast 20
Guys please have a sense of humour and just be relaxed and cool.
Also guys please have a good level of editing and good quality microphone thanks

Basically guys i just want to be able to help someone out and hopefully they can help me out also thanks.


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Hi, are you on ps4 or xbox? If you are interested in a collab on Black Ops 3, I am a beast at that game with a 2.34 k/d and level 255. I just got my Blue Snowball microphone and elgato today and I'm looking to start collabing. I don't have 20 subs though. Hit me up if interested
Hi! I am interested in this, I have 100 subscribers and I play on PS4 with a professional microphone and an elgato.

PSN: CortexYT
Skype: ryanparadise163
sorry for the late post you guys only logged onto this today i am more active on twitter also guys i'm going to bed shortly but if you can reply to this sometime tomorrow UK time then i will be sure to get back to you guys also thanks for contacting me on this guys thanks
COD is a lot of fun! I can't wait for battlefield 1! I have a ps4 but idk if that's what anybody else has!?
guys i am so so sorry for not replying on this and am am still interested in Collaborating if you are please just let me know you timezone and where you are from so we can arrange a time that suits us all thanks