collab help

  1. Kannon

    Gaming Looking for people to game with on Youtube.

    Honestly I have gone hard to make youtube videos and create them to help others or just give people a smile. i'm 16 years old, Been doing YouTube for about a year, almost hitting my 100th video, I have 216 subcribers and I want to work with someone. But half of the people I have collaborated...
  2. Racurz

    Gaming COD Collab

    Yo guys what is up My name is Racurz and i'm just wondering if anyone wants to do a collab on Call of Duty I currently have 35 subs and would love if you guys could collab with me Number of subs Pleae have atleast 20 Guys please have a sense of humour and just be relaxed and cool. Also guys...
  3. ThatGuyMan

    Are Comedy Youtubers Dying Out? (not literally)

    I'm alone. You see, I have a small channel on youtube, and post mainly vlog/skit videos. A LOT of growing channel tips always emphasise on COLLABORATION. Unfortunately..... its kind of hard for a skit Youtuber to collaborate with someone who is sitting in front of a computer gaming :/ THIS IS...
  4. TailoredTeen

    Gaming PC Gaming, 17+ Age, Funny Games

    Hey guys, Looking for some people to play with, get to know, and become friends as we play! I'm looking for humorous girls/guys that are 17 years or older. **Need a good mic** Sort of like Jelly, Kwebblecop, and Slogoman or Vanoss's group. I currently play on the PC, GTA V Counter Strike:GO...
  5. Stike96

    Can't think of any collab ideas

    Hi all, so I've been wanting to get into collaborations more but have no idea what I should do. I am starting a podcast with another tech YouTube but I want to do other things here and there too but I just don't know what to suggest. I would really appreciate it if you give me a little insight...