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    Gaming Looking for PC gaming crew

    hello my name is Tyler and I want to start a gaming crew Like (Fitz, vanoss) for the following games - Fortnite - Rocket League - Cs Go - Call Of Duty WW2 - Paladins - Minecraft - Black Ops 2 - Call Of Duty Mw2 - GTA V Requirements - At least 16+ Years old - Good Mic - a Youtube channel - Good...
  2. mumblez207

    Gaming Looking for PS4 collaborators to play FarCry5 CoDWWII and other Games

    Hello everyone I have just recently started a gaming channel with 18 videos right now where I play Call of Duty WWII and FarCry5 is my focus right now. I am willing to broaden my horizon for videos however I plan on playing the Forest when that comes out and God of War and also Metro for the...
  3. G


    Hey im looking for people to collab with i just started my channel but im no stranger to youtube im a great designer i make awesome thumbnails and channel art i mostly play call of duty but i play other games as well messege me if you guys are interesting.
  4. SiR BANKSalot

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record with on Xbox one

    Nearly 2K subs, need friends to play with that make videos, mainly play COD, Rocket League, GTA, Red Dead Redemption (will play almost any game especially with friends)
  5. Baedri

    Gaming (Xbox One/ Switch) Anybody looking to grow your channel and just have fun gaming together

    Hey everyone!! My youtube name is Baedri (Long story lol) but my real name is Adriano. I am 21 years old and I just recently created my Youtube gaming channel and I am still extremely small. I am just looking for anyone willing to collab on games, have fun, and grow our channels together. I play...
  6. TheFluffyKing

    Gaming Collab with me on youtube!!!

    I would love to collab with anyone on youtube for xbox one gaming vids. I play games like cod,overwatch,minecraft, and more please send message on xbox if you want. My gamertag: TheFluffyKing55
  7. sequan123

    Looking for an editor for cod

    Hey guys i am currently looking for an editer who edit cod videos.

    RACIST ROBOTS?! | Infected Gameplay COD IW

    SO robots become racist brilliant that's all we need in this god forsaken world!! Hope you enjoy this video guys thanks for checking it out
  9. PrimeSyndicate


  10. Braxton Hooks


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    Gaming Sup, looking to grow your youtube channel (PC GAMES)

    well u came to the right place, im looking to do a Collab with some people to make funny content. I run my on youtube channel called TylerHarding69 and im in the process of making some funny videos but im missing something..... YOU. I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout...
  12. Racurz

    200 Subscribers

    Guys i finally did it i made it to 200 subscribers on my channel it was awhile but hey better late then never just insane how it finally happened i mean some ppl celebrate this way when they get like 1 million or 1 hundred thousand but for me 200 is already a massive number i don't know how to i...
  13. Nutella

    Gaming Im looking to do a Xb1 collab on BO3, possibly a 1v1 (50+ subs)

    DM me on twitter @itsNutellaa
  14. Racurz

    Gaming COD Collab

    Yo guys what is up My name is Racurz and i'm just wondering if anyone wants to do a collab on Call of Duty I currently have 35 subs and would love if you guys could collab with me Number of subs Pleae have atleast 20 Guys please have a sense of humour and just be relaxed and cool. Also guys...
  15. M

    Gaming Need New People To Record With!!!

    Dear all, I just started making YouTube videos again and I'm looking for some more people to record with. I currently have Xbox One and 360 so I can play a bunch of games on there. If you want to see what games I mostly play there all on my channel trailer on my channel(YaaBoyCellus). Hmu if you...
  16. Onister Gaming

    My Thoughts On Keemstar?

    Tell me what you think!
  17. Onister Gaming

    Lets Talk About the new Call of Duty's!

    Tell me what you think do you like or dislike the new cod, and tell me why! :)
  18. Onister Gaming

    First Game Back!!!

    First time back on cod and just some random talk
  19. RaPiiDHD