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well u came to the right place, im looking to do a Collab with some people to make funny content.

I run my on youtube channel called TylerHarding69 and im in the process of making some funny videos but im missing something..... YOU.

I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming.

I have 473 subs

- Good Mic
- Skype
- Your own Youtube (With over 100+ Subs)
- To be able to take jokes, and swear lol
- Have fun
- Good Content

Ill be playing on these games
- Gmod
- MineCraft
- Call Of Duty MW2
- Portal 2
- Saints Row 4

Text me on here if ur up to it
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