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  1. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming Looking for GTA 5 PS4 Gaming Collaborations with other youtubers/gamers

    I want to make a collaboration on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Divison, Smite, and Minecraft. I would like to make collaborations on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Division, Smite, and Minecraft (PS4) in which we will be trying all types of things to create funny, random, etc moments for our videos. For...
  2. SSXGreg97

    Gaming Looking for a Collab Crew for some weekly fun (mainly golf with friends or cards against humanity)

    Hi, I've already posted here before but, I'm both on console and now high-end PC. I just got it recently so I can play any game. Reason I'm doing this is because my channel needs to stay up hand between editing videos I capture (on the ps4) compared to ones we can simply record on pc like cards...
  3. SmokeySpace

    Gaming PC/Xbox One Collab 50+ Views a Video!

    I'm looking for people to collab on PC or Xbox One that has 50+ views a video, and maybe around 150+ subs but it doesn't really matter. Games: PC: (My Steam is SmokeySpace) CS GO H1Z1(both) Miscreated World at War (Custom Zombies) Just Cause 2 and 3 (Multiplayer) Rust I may be forgetting one...
  4. Gabriel Fuentes

    Gaming Starting a YouTube Gaming Group!

    I'm looking for YouTube collaborators that want to start a gaming group. I'm basically down to play anything as long as it's fun! I'm a really funny guy and I want to find people like me that are driven to be successful and persistent on YouTube! My channel name is G. Fuego and my email address...
  5. McDoogle

    Gaming Need People For Wildlands Beta on PC

    Hi, i'm looking for people to record the Wildlands beta with on PC! I know the beta end's soon, but I have no one to record with xD I don't care how many subs you have, just have a decent mic and please have discord! Thank you :)
  6. The Gaming Potato

    Gaming Looking to record any game with you :)

    Hey all. i'm pretty new and am trying to upload everyday / otherday but I am in need of someone to come and collab with me so we can both grow our channels and our friendship :) Preferably 17+ As that is my age but I am not fussy, as long as you are mature and can take a joke. I mainly play PC...
  7. TheOmegaOni

    Gaming PC Collab - 275+ Subs - Funny Moments Videos - Read Requirements

    I am looking to do an Overwatch And/OR Battlefield 1 PC collab for a simple funny moments video, or we can plan some sort of other parody styled video. I am not doing Minecraft or any MOBAs. While I have done two satire Minecraft videos, that's not what I'm looking to do for a collab, and I...


    I'm looking for three people to form a group like Vanoss and his friends. I do funny moments videos, I'm 14, and I play games like Bo3, Battlefield 1(when it comes out), WWE 2K16, Star Wars Battlefront, and when ever a free game is available I might do one or two videos on it. Requirements...
  9. T

    Gaming Sup, looking to grow your youtube channel (PC GAMES)

    well u came to the right place, im looking to do a Collab with some people to make funny content. I run my on youtube channel called TylerHarding69 and im in the process of making some funny videos but im missing something..... YOU. I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout...
  10. Ataviro

    Gaming Looking for YouTube PC Collabs, 14 Yrs Old, 100 subs give or take!

    Hi im interested in collabing in games such as funny moments games- -GTA 5 -CSGO -Rocket League -And More be layed back but kind of involved in the game to the point where it makes things funny!! If you would like to see the videos i record check out my channel! if you would like to see the...
  11. L

    Gaming New YouTuber looking for a group to record with on PC

    Hello there, I am looking for at least 3 to 4 people to record some videos with on PC. I have the games everyone has like: CS:GO, Garrys Mod, GTA and a load of others. Looking for people aged 16+. When playing I don't want to take everything so seriously, I just want to enjoy myself. I use...
  12. I

    Gaming UK Based Funny Moments Collab!

    Hi I'm iStreaky im 15 from Nottingham England if anyone wants to collab hit me up either here or in the comments of one of my vids. Only real requirements are that ur around my age with somewhere around my sub count but im not too fussed tbh. Just check out one of my vids and if u like the look...
  13. CorcorGaming

    Gaming PC Collaberation 100+ Subscribers (DO NOT SAY YES BUT NOT COLLAB)

    Hello, I am looking for people to record with _____________________________________________ Requirements 100+ Subscribers Good sense of humor Good Microphone 13-16 y/o Fluent English Many Steam Games _______________________________________________________ Games I have Garry's Mod...
  14. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Anyone want to collab!? (800 subs) (PC)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  15. D0ntw1sh

    Gaming anyone want to collab

    anyone want to collab with me on overwatch or csgo for a youtube video
  16. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC Recording Group

    Hey Everyone! If you are here because you are interested in wanting to do a collab or join a recording group, then you are in the right place. I am looking for a funny moments recording group on PC to grow my channel with, and all in all just have fun making videos together. I want everyone in...
  17. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC YT Funny Moments Recording Group

    Let's get right to the point. I am looking for a group to record some funny moments on pc games such as Gmod, Arma, Rainbow Six, Gta V, H1Z1, etc. I want this group to just have a good time, but still be serious and dedicated to youtube, at least available to play during the week. I don't care...
  18. Frankie95

    Comedy Collab... 100+ subs

    I'm looking to collab with someone around my area in San Diego or perhaps LA(not quite keen). Basically I make videos similar to that of Joe Sugg's, Caspar Lee, Oli White....etc but I'm not english. I've only started like 3 months ago and since summer is coming up I'd like to expand my youtube...
  19. illusima

    Gaming Pc&Xbox gaming group

    Hello! My name is Brandon, but you can call me Illusima. I just started my Youtube channel, and have a channel trailer up on what i wan't to be doing in the future with my channel, weather it is on PC or Console, but for now i wan't to stick with PC because i do not have anything to record with...
  20. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PS4 Recording Group

    Hey, I'm looking for a group on PS4 to start out and grow our YouTube channels together. Even if you have zero videos, zero subscribers, just have the equipment, and the determination to wanna start youtube. I'm 14, 15 in May so basically 15. I'm looking for a group to do funny moments with on...
  21. Anthonypit1Gaming

    Gaming Looking For a Gaming Collaboration Group! (Xbox)

    Ok, so let me start off by saying I'm looking for Commited people to Collaborate with like myself. I Started Youtube about 2 months ago, I never actually had a real group to play with, I just played with Random people and so far have been making it. But I'm realizing when I have a Good Idea...
  22. Johnathonhatcher

    Commentary have a chat session with me

    unfortunatly i have almost no subscriber count so i cannot provide much exposure. However i am fairly wise and can offer much coversation and i try to bring humor to it. Im good at video editing and can help out in any way i can. My requirements are that you try to keep it professional. At least...
  23. AM25


    Hello fellow content creators,I am looking to collab with someone at around about 100 to 150 subs like me.We can do pc gaming or a joint commentary whatever one works well for you.I wold be open to doing any other talking related videos you have. My skype:Ash/Flash If your interested contact...
  24. Frankie95


    Helloooo, I just started youtube and I have like 56 subs. I made a couple of videos so far because I started like 8 days ago or so, but each of my two videos have reached a 100+ views on the first day of their uploads. I am not boasting I'm just saying that I really take the quality of my videos...
  25. MRBenji

    Gaming You Wonna Collab? Read this Sweet Thread

    Hi Y'all, as the days of joining this beautiful community have gone by (3 Days) my subs are slowly going up even though ive not put much content out I'm still thinking of news content to create that includes collabs, with anybody, male/female, any age above maybe 17. i can collabe with any game...
  26. RobCoxxy

    GTA Collab: Stunters vs Snipers!

    Today, I'm joined by fellow YouTubers Tricki D, Oshki, ZealBoy and Dragon K8, as well as a few friends for some Multiplayer, Collab Craziness. Today's video is Stunters vs Snipers - where one team armed only with Zentornos and conveniently placed ramps must destroy their opposition, Heavy...