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Hey, I'm looking for a group on PS4 to start out and grow our YouTube channels together. Even if you have zero videos, zero subscribers, just have the equipment, and the determination to wanna start youtube. I'm 14, 15 in May so basically 15. I'm looking for a group to do funny moments with on games like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA V, COD, Rocket League, and maybe if you have a pc we could go on games like gmod.
Age: 13+ ( at least in eight grade )
System: PS4

Looking forward to getting a crew to grow with!

Ps: Please tell me your age ( no lying ) , games you have, time zone, and channel name

Remember when we start out CONSISTENCY IS KEY
I'm 17 and just made my channel yesterday!
I play CoD BO3, Rocket League, Battlefield Harline, The Division, Star wars Battlefront, NBA 2K16, and NBA Live 16

New York time zone
Hi I am 14 and i am kinda new on this channel
I Play Smite, Destiny, Rocket League, soon star wars battle front, and really just random games. However i do like to avoid rated M games because i want my channel to be kid friendly but sometimes i will play them
PSN: JalenTD
YT: True Ace
New York Time Zone
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