group collab

  1. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Youtubers

    I am a Youtuber with over 6k+ total subs between 2 channels. One channel has around 4,600+ and my other one which I create funny content on has almost 1,400. I'm looking for Youtubers that have at least 500+ subscribers, 18+, and are funny who don't take games super serious. I also don't like...
  2. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Content Creators (Gaming)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for content creators of any size who is capable of producing some good quality content. I currently am part of 3 channels which are : (Currently 400+ subscribers) (Currently 3,600 subscribers)
  3. D

    Gaming Looking for people to join a gaming group (collaborating together, projects, podcast, ect.)

    As of now, I'm a fairly small YouTuber, only around 300 subscribers. I joined YouTube forever ago (if forever is 2 years), but, I can't seem to ever be happy with what I'm creating for one simple reason: it's horrible. I can't solo commentate, it's not my thing. I picked a bad name, I can't do...
  4. RioIsHere

    Gaming Looking to start a gaming group.

    hey!, okay I’m sure all of you have heard of people like the sidemen or others who have like 3 or 4 in a group and play games together. Well I wanna do that! Anyone from 15 to 17 is fine, I want to start making videos again, I have been on YouTube for 3 years nearly 4, and want to get back...
  5. TryHard_Heroes

    Gaming Looking to collaborate and expand eachother's viewerbase

    Hey guys, I make videos that center around comedic approach to most games. I've already formed a gaming group and have been signed to a reputable MCN. There are many opportunities that are coming but I'd like to get to know other start up youtubers who want to work hard to do some weird and fun...
  6. Vanocue

    Gaming Looking to create a "sidemen" style group!

    Hello, This is Vanocue! I'm a YouTube looking to make a group of friends that record together. Requirements: That your over the age of 15+ (i'm 17 and feel better with people closer to my age.) That Your subscribed to me(only joking BUT YOU HAVE TO :p lol) You have an funny and open...
  7. Kaitlyn Moore

    Beauty/Makeup A Different Kind Of Collab (Who's Interested?)

    Hello! So most beauty collabs are all the same and whatever and I find it's being over done so I thought why not try a different kind of beauty collab. We can try like a 4 person collab where one person does the outfit one does the hair one does makeup and one does beauty tips. If you're...
  8. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Gaming Group and Collabs

    Hello You Tubers and Streamers. I'll start by introducing my self. My name is Izaak(Isaac) also known as Zonda, I run a company called First Order Entertainment. We are looking to reintroduce collaborations for the group. I'll sum things under categories for each. YouTube Collaborations: For...
  9. BuBleuX45

    Gaming Call Of Duty: WW2 Group Collab on PS4

    I'm looking for a few YouTubers who want to group up and play COD WW2. I am hoping to make funny moments videos in games and in custom games. We could also diccuss different updates and try out different ideas. Also, we could play competitively when the ranked season begins on the 1st of...
  10. Z

    Gaming Looking for a gaming group (Xbox 1/PC)

    hey all i am a small youtuber with around 200 subs, i post pretty much daily videos of fifa and call of duty but was thinking of branching out to other game such as minecraft, gears of war and cards against humanity, if interested add me on discord (ZombieTubeStreams)
  11. Blue Shades

    Gaming Gaming Group- Let's Play -ARK- -RoK- -Rust- etc. Collab

    Hey there! Hope everyone's doing great today! I just started a YT channel and am looking for 1 - 4 good fellas to play with and record content. I would prefer you to be 18 or over but I don't really care if you're mature and friendly. The one thing that I request is having a GOOD MIC. I don't...
  12. MadySan

    Vlog Halloween Collabs/ Group Collab??

    Hello, I am starting my Halloween series next week and I wanted to make a storytime video with different short but creepy experiences I've been through. If you are also interested in telling some creepy stories, or doing something Halloween related, contact me at I...
  13. DigiCorner

    Gaming Looking for committed PC Group

    Hey everyone. I'm a Scottish YouTuber who is 20 years old and I am looking for people that play mainly on PC (maybe Xbox as well) who are committed to making videos and will not quit any time soon. We would be playing a variety of games although nothing is set in stone at the moment and I would...
  14. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PC Group

    Hello my name is Dread and i am looking for new members to join my gaming group called Crash Freeze Gaming. We use Teamspeak (Like Skype) to communicate and as well create sessions for our recordings, We play many games such as Gmod, GTA V, The Culling, Rocket League, Smite and others games...
  15. eliann88

    Comedy Skit/funny videos collab?

    Hi! Me and my friend are starting a new channel and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a collab with us! We can have multiple people in them, so don't worry if there isn't enough space for more volunteers also, we have one or two requirements, you have to live in the us and somewhere in...
  16. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PS4 Recording Group

    Hey, I'm looking for a group on PS4 to start out and grow our YouTube channels together. Even if you have zero videos, zero subscribers, just have the equipment, and the determination to wanna start youtube. I'm 14, 15 in May so basically 15. I'm looking for a group to do funny moments with on...
  17. GoldenRusher

    Gaming Classock / YT Gaming Group

    Hey, my name is GoldenRusher, and I have been looking for a group to join for quite a while. Now, I've been through a various amount of groups, none which really "interested" me. So, I decided to start my own YT Group called Classock (Class-awk). I really wanted to meet some new people, and make...
  18. gysocksYT

    Gaming Started a gaming group

    Hello There! So i started a gaming group and I would like to know if anybody would like to join we have a website and a group channel that has 20 subscribers. 1. Must have 20 or more subscribers. 2. Need to have a good mic. 3. Must have a Skype or Gmail. 4. Age Needs to be 13 and up. 5. Must...
  19. TheHazzaBird

    Gaming New Group ( Gaming Tube ) Looking For People !

    Hi guys im 16 and i am a small youtube channel ( 118 subs) i am look for other youtubers around my size that are willing to be in my new youtube group i am making called Gaming Tube What Will Gaming Tube Be; gaming tube will be where we all make videos together on our own channels and also...
  20. isaacdmann

    Meet Up/Gathering Any English Youtubers?

    HEY! :D Im isaac, im a new british youtuber living in Spain and would love to collab! Id also like to set up a group chat somewhere with an diverse group of friends to all improve together an have fun along the way! If anyone is interested please message :)
  21. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Group 16+

    Hey my name is Dread and i'm still looking for new members to join our squad as we are The Savage Squad that play or want to play all the fun games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ops 3, GTA 5 and The Division when it comes out but there still over games that we want to play to keep things...
  22. Bre

    Beauty/Makeup Spring Group Collab

    Hey I've seen a lot of group collabs going around and they look like so much fun! With spring right around the corner I was thinking of getting together with 4 other girls possibly and doing a collab! I'm open to any collab idea's!!! Check out my channel below I currently have 227 subscribers...
  23. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PC & PS4 Group in need of new members!

    Hello all my name is Dread and i am part of Crash Freeze Gaming (PC) and also The Savage Squad (PS4). You are wondering why i'm in two groups well that's because i can and i'm also the creator of those groups (Had part of creating CFG). Let me get straight to the point those two groups are in...
  24. Tuttiman

    Gaming Want to collab on Minecraft, Gmod, CSGO and many more+ create a squad like the Sidemen or the pack

    Well I have just reached 200 subs and wanted to do a collab video to celebrate that. My idea was to state that me and a few other people have decided to join in powers to make a group which will be used to make some videos. Then it will go to a video of GMOD OR MINECRAFT where we are having fun...
  25. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #6 - F****** Ramps!

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  26. TheRealOMG

    Gaming Looking for people to group up with (GTA5 & GMOD)

    Hello there, im looking to make a group on youtube for gaming at the moment i play GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 and GARRY'S MOD i will be playing more as time goes but at the moment thats what im in to so i want to forum a group to not just help me but help us all grow on youtube and i see a group a great...
  27. Frankie95

    Gaming GTA GAMING GROUP (females only)(PS4)

    I'm already in a group and we play and record GTA, and BO3 every week and we're looking to have a mixed group as it doesn't seem like it has been done before on youtube. I haven't posted any GTA videos but I have posted a couple of real life videos.
  28. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 Zombies #2 - It Begins

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  29. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Crew looking for more members!

    Hello me and few other people have formed a Crew for the PS4 to play games like COD BO3, GTA 5, Star Wars Battlefront and some other games. The Requirements to get in - ACTIVE IN THE CREW (Most important) - Good Mic - Game that we play - Age above 15 - Dedicated If you are interested please...
  30. Dread Chemical

    Gmod A.I #5 - Pink Alien?

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