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Hello everyone! I am looking for content creators of any size who is capable of producing some good quality content. I currently am part of 3 channels which are : (Currently 400+ subscribers) (Currently 3,600 subscribers) (Currently almost 400 subscribers)

I am part of project "Bait Squad" which is focused mostly on helping content creators grow by giving feedback & advice, tips, more exposure to their content, etc. We are currently accepting both Twitch streamers and Youtubers who meet our requirements and have good quality content. We are currently looking for an editor, as well as content creators who love making people laugh.

Games we would prefer you to have or be willing to play:

  • Garrys Mod
  • Human Fall Flat
  • Gang Beasts
  • Fortnite
  • Basically any multi-player game that could pull off some funny stuff.
Project Bait Squad was founded December 22nd, 2018, and currently we have around (1300+) members in our discord, in which almost everyone of them are content creators.

If you are interested in the movement we're creating, as well as some collaborations with us, you can do the following things:

Add me on discord @ Guushi#0647
Join our discord at
Or simply send me a DM here.

We have an application form in which you are required to fill out. Upon DMing me here or contacting me on discord, you will be given the form. Please take into mind that our minimum age requirement for this is (16 years old.)

Looking foward to seeing everyone who is interested!
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hmm the only thing i have is minecraft but i could always buy gang beasts, etc. However, I'm not too big of a fan of fortnite so that's not something I would be playing.