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  1. O

    Gaming Content group

    Hi there I'm Adam and i am 16, I'm more known as optics on YouTube. I would like to create a content group around gaming and some reaction if we decide to. I am looking for around 5 people (doesn't matter exactly) around 16-18 years old and unique in both their creativity and their...
  2. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Content Creators (Gaming)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for content creators of any size who is capable of producing some good quality content. I currently am part of 3 channels which are : (Currently 400+ subscribers) (Currently 3,600 subscribers)
  3. ToxinStorm

    Other Do you like Anime and Manga? I have an idea that can get us to the next level on YT!

    Hello, to keep things short and straight to the point, I am looking for 3 individuals who are fans of anime and manga. I will be going into more detail once I choose you to be a part of the team. These 3 individuals will help me gather information from specific anime and manga and presenting me...
  4. PappaPhyko

    Gaming Aussie Looking For A Few Mates To Start A Chill Group Channel!

    Hey, my names Jake i am a gaming Youtuber looking for 4-8 active people to start a Chill Let Play Youtube gaming group. i would like to start a group channel where we can post group lets plays similar to The Yogscast, but you are always free to have your own channel this would just be for group...
  5. A

    Gaming Collab Youtube/Twitch

    Hi! My names Adam, I’m 18 and like a lot of us I’ve been looking to start a YouTube channel for a while. However I’ve always tried on my own and never with a few friends or other gamers. I would like to get a friend group where we can hang out on discord and mess around on various games and do...
  6. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Editor For Collab Channel

    Hello I'm GucciCarry from the channel "Players One". Players One is a channel that consists of 5 youtubers. 4 of us all have over 2,000+ subscribers so we're all pretty experienced with youtube. This channel is fresh (less than a month old) The main focus of the content is Gaming/Comedy. We...
  7. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Gaming Group and Collabs

    Hello You Tubers and Streamers. I'll start by introducing my self. My name is Izaak(Isaac) also known as Zonda, I run a company called First Order Entertainment. We are looking to reintroduce collaborations for the group. I'll sum things under categories for each. YouTube Collaborations: For...
  8. Megan Griggs

    Vlog Members and Photographer needed for Teen Group Channel

    Hey so im 16 and i live in Inglewood. I want to create a youtube group of mainly teenagers. The idea is to post content that consists of pranks, vlogs, skits, reactions, etc. Requirements : - At least 100 subs - 13 - 17 years old - Uploaded at least 5 videos Also if you are a photographer and...
  9. D

    Gaming Xbox One and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  10. D

    Gaming Xbox one and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  11. N

    Other NerdMake is expanding! Looking for guests and new members!

    Hey there Nerds! We've got a special announcement to make today. We've hit our goal for the year! We're also working to expand NerdMake! We'll be recruiting new members onto the NerdCrew for the next 2 months. We're expanding in a variety of positions, so you're more than welcome to apply...
  12. R

    Gaming LOOKING FOR 4 YOUTUBERS FOR A COLLAB [I have an Idea that may end in a friendship that will last]

    Alright so, 1st thing I want to give a little Backstory, Since 2010 I've been wanting to do YouTube Since I First watched "UberHaxorNova" & that went to "The Creatures" and if you have heard of them or Watched them in there Gloy Days [2011-2014] You know that they are a Group of YouTubers that...
  13. R

    Gaming In need of willing participants for a group channel

    Hi, I am an owner/moderator for a group youtube channel, and we need about 10-20 people to look through and review for our group channel. If more than 20 request to be in this, that is ok. We only need willing and active people to work with, so we can push out content. Subs/views do not matter...
  14. thekittykayla

    I need help on a name??

    Hey! So, I'm starting up a group channel but I'm having trouble coming up with a name. So far it is a guy and I (in America), and possibly two girls (in the UK). I feel like when I come up with something it's taken, so I thought I'd come here for some assistance. Please Please, thank you. :help:
  15. lilly55623


    Hey everybodyyy. I'm Lillian. Lately i've been desperately wanting to make a Youtube channel. So I did. I currently only have one video on it and it's crap because I was totally sleep deprived while both filming and editing it. But check it out if you want. ;) That video is nowhere near a...
  16. RadiantGaming

    Looking for YouTubers to Colab with

    Hello you Rad people Radiant here. Recently I have been searching for people to colab with me and my friend to make entertaining YouTube videos. If any of you would live to colab with us and join our awesome group just leave a link with your channel ^^