Hello You Tubers and Streamers. I'll start by introducing my self. My name is Izaak(Isaac) also known as Zonda, I run a company called First Order Entertainment. We are looking to reintroduce collaborations for the group. I'll sum things under categories for each.

YouTube Collaborations:
For those looking for YouTube Collaborations, I can say that it works and doesn't work. You need to find the group best for you. I believe we can be that. We all try to help each other in this. Sometimes by sending a upload to First Order and we also plan recordings together for everyone to get good footage!

Similar to You Tube collaborations, we plan videos and schedule streams with each other, while we also stream some of our YouTube recordings for chances of "Behind the Scenes"

We try to help eachother improve our editing and help with graphics and music!
External Motto: "Your First Order of Entertainment"
Internal: "To build a business to let us do what we love for the rest of our lives" This is also our goal.

Check us out and feel free to contact us @
We will try to reply within 48 Hours!