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Hi there I'm Adam and i am 16, I'm more known as optics on YouTube.

I would like to create a content group around gaming and some reaction if we decide to.

I am looking for around 5 people (doesn't matter exactly) around 16-18 years old and unique in both their creativity and their personality. I am looking to make the videos more appealing for viewers so will try to make the content funny and slightly meme along the way. I am looking to do this long term if possible and we can have a group channel for extra videos we decide to do. As I am from the UK, European people may be better due to time zones but if you can record earlier/later then by all means contact me to.

Will record 1 vid every week maybe every 2 if people are busy. Let me know if you interested.

Adam (Optics)
Nice to meet you Sir..
What's ur guidelines and how i collab..
I need a help I leave a message on this forum.. check it out..