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  1. The Insane Reaver

    Dead Island 2 is a Funny Moments Paradise!

    Been doing a Dead Island 2 Play Through on YouTube and wanted to start throwing some of the funniest moments into some mini compilations. This is the first.
  2. C

    Gaming The Guide (And Gameplay) Of NBA2K23's MyCareer (tips/spoilers)

    I'm excited for this series a I just started making videos on YouTube and this MyCareer is super interesting. What are your guys thoughts on this?
  3. M

    Gaming Collab in Canada

    My name is mite am an upcoming youtuber. I am looking for a team of youtubers no matter the subscribers Requirements 1. Must be in canada 2. Must play minecraft 3. Must be 13 and above 4. Must have a microphone or anything else as far I can hear you 5.Must either be a youtuber ot twitch...
  4. J

    Gaming I'm trying kind of different styles of editing

    I just started doing youtube, have made a couple of videos (ones currently in the making atm), and trying to find a style for my channel, the one I'm making right now is a pretty different then the videos i have up right now but if you don't mind if you can review my channel, please be honest...
  5. Little096

    Gaming I'm looking for a Creator to partner with!

    I am currently in the process of turning my channel around after taking a series of long breaks. However, I don't wanna do it alone this time. While this may not be a permanent partner ship, I'm hoping to find someone that I can genuinely get along with and can enjoy making content. I don't...
  6. hazzel

    How to make FAST MONEY as a TEEN ($1000 IN A WEEK)

    HEY HEY HIII hello guys,Being a teenager is a difficult stage when it comes to making money, but with the digital age it is easier than you think!
  7. O

    Gaming Content group

    Hi there I'm Adam and i am 16, I'm more known as optics on YouTube. I would like to create a content group around gaming and some reaction if we decide to. I am looking for around 5 people (doesn't matter exactly) around 16-18 years old and unique in both their creativity and their...
  8. I

    Gaming Looking For New FRIENDS

    Hi, my name is Riley Kerr and later this year I’m going to be launching my Gaming Channel with my Fiancé. We have purchased a expensive drawing tablet and will be hand drawing our gaming thumbnails and I’ll be editing them every Friday and publishing one video a day. we are looking for new...
  9. A

    Gaming Looking for making Rocket league content.

    Looking for a person who wants to play rocket league and have fun making content out of it
  10. Ljah PlayZ

    Gaming Adult Gamers 18+ - English/AUS - Fulltime YT/TTV Content Creater & GFX Artist - Looking for Dream Collab Squad! (PC)

    Hey YT Talk Community, My name is LJAHPlayZ, I am an Australian Content Creator, Voice Actor, Graphics Designer & Pro COD Gamer (PC) and my overall goal is to become fully committed towards finding the "dream'' Collab Team for my YT/TTV Channel! (Currently 325 Subscribers, started channel 6...
  11. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Gaming Community!

    Hello everyone my name is ReMixz, I'm a small streamer on Twitch and I'm looking for youtubers/streamers to play with on PC or PlayStation. I have a discord server that everyone is welcome! My discord is ReMixz#4895. I have several games on PC. I have Minecraft (Java and Bedrock), CSGO, League...
  12. L

    Gaming Discord Server To Meet New People To Collab With!

    Hey, ShadowFire here! I've been working on a discord server for people to join and get to know other people looking to collab and hopefully find a group they're comfortable with! It's really for vibing, meeting new people, hanging out, and making great content in the same place. There are rooms...
  13. Bleu


    Let's cut to the chase I made a few posts here for collabs but my discord link was busted so let's try this again Im bleu, being doing yt for some years its my dream to make it on this platform I currently have 860 subs im close to hitting my first 1k ! Just looking for some funny a**...
  14. Thisisali

    Gaming Looking for bunch of PC gamers (UK only)

    Hello, I am looking for bunch of pc gamers to collab with or even potentially start a group with. I am open to play any games, so far I got is Among us, GTA V,War-zone, minecraft etc. Requirements Must have decent microphone Must be able to speak English 16+ Have discord Contact me...