Gaming Adult Gamers 18+ - English/AUS - Fulltime YT/TTV Content Creater & GFX Artist - Looking for Dream Collab Squad! (PC)

Ljah PlayZ

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Hey YT Talk Community,

My name is LJAHPlayZ, I am an Australian Content Creator, Voice Actor, Graphics Designer & Pro COD Gamer (PC) and my overall goal is to become fully committed towards finding the "dream'' Collab Team for my YT/TTV Channel! (Currently 325 Subscribers, started channel 6 month ago)

I am currently searching for people who are committed towards wanting there channel to grow, no matter how big/small it may be. I am also looking for those who are interested in starting new and engaging friendships and to help develop a positive, entertaining and productive community outcome. Now as listed above I do have some recommended conditions, of course you will have to be 18+ due to mature content purposes as well as to be able to meet EST (Eastern Standard Time) Requirements in order to organize the best possible time to create content for the community (Can be flexible).

The styles of games in which I will be playing is rather vast, ranging from COD Edits, Funny Moments and Montages, Horror Survival and general Trolling/Messing Around. I am willing to adapt and further extend my gaming experience with those who are willing to join me.

If you find that you are best suitable for this Collab opportunity please feel message my directly via YT Talk Forums (DM), YT or Email.

Happy New Years,
LJAHPlayZ - BRING ON 2021!
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