collab 300 subs

  1. T

    Vlog Couple Collabs?

    Hey Its Kae and AJae and we’re looking for other couples to collab with and grow both our channels.. we’re 24&27 , lesbian couple . If anybody wants to work hit us uo. Our IG is thawinningteam_
  2. Ljah PlayZ

    Gaming Adult Gamers 18+ - English/AUS - Fulltime YT/TTV Content Creater & GFX Artist - Looking for Dream Collab Squad! (PC)

    Hey YT Talk Community, My name is LJAHPlayZ, I am an Australian Content Creator, Voice Actor, Graphics Designer & Pro COD Gamer (PC) and my overall goal is to become fully committed towards finding the "dream'' Collab Team for my YT/TTV Channel! (Currently 325 Subscribers, started channel 6...
  3. MateoS

    Other Looking for Collaboration

    Im looking for channel with between 300 and 450 subs to collab with. I do top 10s, how tos, some famous and rich people videos, advices and so on. I would like to go more in detail with it and tell you how I imagined the collab to look like. If anyone who meets the subs req. wants to hear more...
  4. LauraJasmin

    Beauty/Makeup Collaborating with cruelty free beauty, lifestyle, or wellness channels

    Hi! I'm a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle youtuber. I'd like to collaborate with someone who posts about cruelty free beauty, lifestyle or wellness. I'm a small channel with 300 subscribers. If you've been on youtube for more than year and have ranked a video then I'd like to collaborate...
  5. Anne G

    Beauty/Makeup Meet new beauty artist and collab!

    Hello! My name is Anne, I am looking to meet people who are looking to collaborate with me on beauty makeup videos. Even if you are overseas, you can connect with me here, youtube or instagram @panachestudios Hope to chat soon :)
  6. M

    Gaming Xbox Fortnite Games (1500 subs in my youtube channel)

    What are we going to do? I'm looking for 1-3 people to have a funny gameplay video in Fortnite. Requirements? 15 wins on Solos 1000 Subs on your channel (if you have tons of wins this does not matter) Vivid and entertaining voice Where are we gonna be talking? In a party on XBOX or discord...
  7. CulturEatz

    Vlog In Montreal looking 4 fun collabs w/ locals or anywehre

    Hey everyone, I love doing collabs, have done a few. Not always easy to find someone local so I a open to ideas on how to do a collab with someone who is located in another place in the world. Hit me up!
  8. Edward Okechukwu

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers to form a crew with

    I'm not really strict on when you should be available to record but often will be nice. age requirement 15+ - Gmod - Rocket League - Friday the 13th - Titanfall 2 If you have any of those games and wanna join the crew, then hit me up on discord 3LX#9937
  9. R

    Other Looking for tech youtuber that wants to collab!

    Hello, im a Apple technology youtuber with 320+ subs, I am looking for someone else who does a similar thing to me and we could collab, please ask any questions thx