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  1. Ljah PlayZ

    Gaming Adult Gamers 18+ - English/AUS - Fulltime YT/TTV Content Creater & GFX Artist - Looking for Dream Collab Squad! (PC)

    Hey YT Talk Community, My name is LJAHPlayZ, I am an Australian Content Creator, Voice Actor, Graphics Designer & Pro COD Gamer (PC) and my overall goal is to become fully committed towards finding the "dream'' Collab Team for my YT/TTV Channel! (Currently 325 Subscribers, started channel 6...
  2. MasterRoo

    "This War of Mine" really nails the themes of Human Nature

    Around Halloween of this year, I finally picked up This War of Mine and I'm in love with it. It's not the best game for gameplay or visuals but hell, it's themes of depression and lost are what I love about it. LOL! It's hard to explain but I love exploring the themes of humanity's dark side in...
  3. A

    Gaming Australian PS4 & PC Gamers - Message Me Below

    Hello, Anyone that lives in Australia and would like to collab on PC or PS4 send me a message I play competitive COD on Infinite Warfare PS4 On PC I have Arma 3, The Forest, H1Z1 JS & KOTK, LoL, CoD 4, Garry's Mods and other games It would be wicked to have a group of gamers to play with Thanks