group collab

  1. NationJason

    Gaming PC Gaming Group. I am from Australia

    I am looking for people to play games with me. What my idea is: To make a group like vanossgaming where we do maybe some skits and gameplay from some games. I want to tell stories with games is my idea. What I'm looking for: People I can play with every few days and not make me have to play at...
  2. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming Gaming Group

    I have 336 subscribers, Im looking for people to Collaborate/Make a Group with, I want people to make funny moment videos with Such as GTA 5 and Garry's Mod.MUST USE SKYPE!, If you're interested hmu on Twitter its @TheOnlyICEYHD
  3. Daaave

    Vlog Group Collab (DEADLINE TUESDAY)

    Hello! I'm currently in the middle of producing a collab video and it's almost finished, but I need a few more inputs. The video is based on 'what not to do in public: each person sends in a 20-30 clip about what they hate that people do in public or things that annoy them in public. If you...