Beauty/Makeup A Different Kind Of Collab (Who's Interested?)

Kaitlyn Moore

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So most beauty collabs are all the same and whatever and I find it's being over done so I thought why not try a different kind of beauty collab. We can try like a 4 person collab where one person does the outfit one does the hair one does makeup and one does beauty tips. If you're interested then comment and let's get this show on the road! I would prefer to do it with people who have 100+ subscribers so that it'll be found and so we can all help each other grow from there.
I'm a small Youtuber just starting out and it would be cool to do this. (I don't have 100+ subs) but my sister does who also has a channel and she could help too. Get back with me if you just wanna do three of them, my sister is great with makeup and I'd love to put together an outfit! :)