friend collab

  1. Breezie

    Gaming Looking for Small Content Creators to Collab With (16+)

    I would ideally like to play games like Raft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Apex Legends, Minecraft. I'm pretty open to new ideas, though and willing to try almost anything. I live in EST and I'm going to college in about a month, at which point I will not be on as frequently or be able to upload as...
  2. WillumYT

    Gaming Looking for Funny Friends/Collab!!

    Hi my name is Willum and I lack a lot of friends that play video games, I'm looking for people that have access to a lot of different games like Gmod, The Forest, Phasmophobia, Minecraft, ECT. Time zones also have to collide well as I am Central Standard Time. I currently play games either by...
  3. Flin

    Gaming [] Looking for friends to record with! [16+]

    Hello! My name is Flin! I started a channel and going to start posting soon! currently in the process in changing a lot of stuff but also looking for friends to record with and make some funny moments, I'm just looking for a few people to invite to a discord server and record and have a good...
  4. Senevids

    Gaming If you make content similar to Markiplier or Jacksepticeye I would love to collab!

    I have been having a blast on Youtube with my channel, Senevids, making videos similar to mark or jack (webcam, variety gaming, love laughing!) and would love to collab with someone who makes quality videos similar to them! I'm around 150 awesome subscribers at the moment so if you're around...
  5. G

    Vlog Collab 14K followers on twitter

    Hey! My name is Gabe and if you want to collab for you YT channel send me DM on Twitter. "@GabrielBurruel" we can grow together. We can do challenge, tags, games, Etc. Just send me DM on Twitter and u propose
  6. Kaitlyn Moore

    Beauty/Makeup A Different Kind Of Collab (Who's Interested?)

    Hello! So most beauty collabs are all the same and whatever and I find it's being over done so I thought why not try a different kind of beauty collab. We can try like a 4 person collab where one person does the outfit one does the hair one does makeup and one does beauty tips. If you're...