1. D

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for collaboration and friends Scotland UK

    Hi everyone, :D I'm looking to make short comedy sketches on YouTube and would love to meet others that are able to join me. I have written many sketches but can't perform them by myself. I'd love to make friends that would enjoy making videos as a hobby to get the channel going and have fun...
  2. along4therid3

    Collaboration/Partnership -- Help

    Hi. My name is Chris... I am looking for a YT collaborator (my channel specifically deals along the lines of cars/car enthusiasts and I.T./Computer types of areas). I would really like to find a few like minded YouTubers to grow our respective channels (or even start another one together). I'm...
  3. I

    Gaming Looking For New FRIENDS

    Hi, my name is Riley Kerr and later this year I’m going to be launching my Gaming Channel with my Fiancé. We have purchased a expensive drawing tablet and will be hand drawing our gaming thumbnails and I’ll be editing them every Friday and publishing one video a day. we are looking for new...
  4. I

    Gaming Rust server for cool people

    So I've been talking to my friends and just people I know who play on PC about creating our own Rust server (AKA buying a ready server with low ping and etc). We would need 25 people at least to make sense. We would prefer people who don't really know the game well so we can all start off...
  5. Y

    Review request

    Hi all, Please have a look and let me know what you like/dislike. The smallest hints can really help me out. More videos coming soon. Thanks.
  6. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Looking for ppl to collab with...

    Games: Gta5 Csgo Gmod Fortnite Golf it Content mainly: I mainly do funny moments and want ppl for GTA 5 to create amazing Funny moments gameplay Comment on my recent vid if i dont respond
  7. Katie Jade

    Other Small Youtuber Collab/ Make Youtube Friends

    Hi, I'm Katie, I have a small channel (400 subscribers) and I make fashion, makeup, lifestyle and random videos. I really want to find other small YouTubers to collab with and make youtube friends! I have loads of ideas and am open to suggestions! If you're interested in talking, feel free to...
  8. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are looking for more people to join discord, play, create and help one another and become a friendly community. We play a range of games some being; Ark Rocket League Fifa WoW Golf It Overwatch and many more.... We only ask that you have a mic/ you...
  9. Stoner Gamer

    Pro Clubs Episode 1

  10. Stoner Gamer

    Funny times with friend's

  11. Stoner Gamer

    OMG Funny Moments

  12. I

    Gaming PS4 Comedy Crew

    Right away im gonna say I dont care about subs and views but need to see a lot of effort and potential in videos. If thumbnails are very plain, videos are just cut footage, and channel is just unorganized please dont bother replying. I would like to make OUR crew that is funny time to time (dont...
  13. Scandinavian Freckles

    Meet Up/Gathering Any one meeting up in NORWAY?

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone wanted to make a meet up happen in norway, or if someone knew about any happening already? Trying to connect with like minded people, find support and friends within the community. Never met any norwegian youtubers :) Im totally up for it, let me know...
  14. HiftyNifty

    Gaming Collaborations / Friends

    Collaborations / Friends (My friends and I are looking for people to collaborate with, so far everyone that has said they are up to record are never online or never reply back.) About: Currently we there are only three of us, we're looking for more friends to have a laugh or two with and make...
  15. L

    Gaming New and Looking For A Collab Group!

    Hey! I've decided to make a new channel and I'm looking for a chill group of people to collab with. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm making sure I have everything I need, but this is the last thing I need! I'm primarily a Xbox One player but I'm slowly switching to PC. I really just...
  16. Marc Quaglia

    Gaming Wanting to start a fun Group of Gamers to Grow our Channels

    Hello! My name is Marc (aka Quags) My YT Channel is Quags Games and i have at the time of this posting 386 subs. Im 23 yrs old and looking for someone older than 19 - 20 as i feel we can form a better connection and itll show in videos. Im a PC player and found its more fun to make videos with...
  17. Shakara Fireara

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for new yt friends & to collab

    Hi, my name is Shakara Fireara I started youtube about 2 months ago. I am looking to collab with others and make some yt friends.
  18. TheWelshLife

    Gaming Xbox gamer looking to make great videos!

    Hello everyone, I am Dylan from TheWelshLife and im looking for anyone to make great content! I have a wide range of game selection so we are never limited to what we have! If you, like me, want to grow on youtube then i think working together is the best option! sharing opinions, content and...
  19. J.Kposowa

    What kind of videos do you watch, when your favourite YouTubers haven't uploaded?

    To further explain my question. I'm talking about when you've been on YouTube for a few minutes or hours. And you're left with nothing to watch. But you're not quite done with youtube yet. For me I usually watch Top 10s of any kind, such as Top 10 action anime, or Top 10 strongest fictional...
  20. A

    Gaming looking to make friends and grow on youtube with each other

    Hey im looking to make friends to grow on YouTube with each other and over all have a good time! dont really care how old you are but if you have a squeaky voice chances are im not gonna wanna play with you. I have CSGO, GMOD, H1Z1, DayZ, Minecraft, GTA V, Fortnite (dont really play it that...
  21. Koji Kobura

    Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS (MPK Cover) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S cover using FL Studio 12 and MPK Mini
  22. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Xbox recording group or people just to collab with.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have a few videos prepared which I’ll be posting in the next few weeks so although my channel doesn’t look like much now, soon...
  23. Liam Dixon

    Wanna COLLAB?

    Hey I'm new here just got this. Im almost at 1K Subscribers so I'm waiting to Collab with someone to help me get their and to get some youtube friends :) Please get back to me if you're interested!
  24. Z


    Members must be 12-17 and good at these games: fortnite, rainbow six, rocket league and more. Every member must have ps4 and a decent mic. The amount of subscribers does'nt matter we are just looking to have a good time. Comment down below if looking to join or go to my youtube - ZincoGaming...
  25. Mark Stise

    The gift of kindness

    The Gift of Kindness Is a video done by Mark Stise to show that its okay to be kind to one another. Videos by videoblocks which is royalty free Music Ave-Maria by audioblocks which is royalty free Clips include Charlie Chaplin The Great...
  26. KloudGames

    Gaming Looking for Ps4 Youtube collabs for my gaming group

    my friends and i are looking for more members to record on ps4 with... it doesnt matter how many subs you have just that you are active when we are playing and that you have a good microphone, no background noise other then noise like your ps4 fan in the background the group we are inviting you...
  27. A

    Gaming Looking for more friends to play games with!!

    I'm a 20 year old college student from Toronto, Canada. I played a lot of sports during high school and the main sport that I enjoy is basketball. Feel free to ask me about the NBA! What got me into YouTube was FaZe to be honest and how they do cut commentaries and montages. I feel like I would...
  28. Rallex

    Vlog Looking for Teen Girl/Guy Vloggers to Collab with!!

    Hi there, I'm Riley also known as Rallex on YouTube. I'm a Vlogger and looking for people to collab with I know it's super hard to find people where I live which is Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It's like the ,middle of no where. Looking for people to Collab with and help each other grow and...
  29. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for people to be in my Minecraft and Fortnite Videos! (PC)

    Looking for new people to become friends with and help out my videos. Looking for people that are 700-1000 Subscribers. Looking for people with fun/funny personality's and know how to not leave silence to be able to have conversations. Must be 17+ Haven't collabed a lot before but I have a...
  30. Kaitlyn Moore

    Beauty/Makeup A Different Kind Of Collab (Who's Interested?)

    Hello! So most beauty collabs are all the same and whatever and I find it's being over done so I thought why not try a different kind of beauty collab. We can try like a 4 person collab where one person does the outfit one does the hair one does makeup and one does beauty tips. If you're...