Gaming Looking for Ps4 Youtube collabs for my gaming group


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my friends and i are looking for more members to record on ps4 with... it doesnt matter how many subs you have just that you are active when we are playing and that you have a good microphone, no background noise other then noise like your ps4 fan in the background the group we are inviting you guys to is called the Legion Of Gamers or LOG for short we have a discord channel where you can advertise your youtube videos and talk to your fans, participate in give aways and events so make sure to join if you are intrested in this type of gaming ps4 group and this community. we play fortnite, gta, call of duty and more! please check out our website so far and discord channel as this will inform you as to who we are and what we do...
note that this will be a close relationship collaboration and not just a temporary collaboration
- must be over 13
- not be a squeeker
- have the same games that we play
- be atleast over average at the games
- have a good microphone
- no background noise such as a tv, people or an extremely unbelievable loud fan / noise
- cant be a vibe killer
- have to be at least semi funny / have good vibes


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Well, i am not a squeeker. Its just my persona when i play on youtube to be entertaining and funny. I just started about 2 weeks ago so forgive me for that. My youtube channel name is JKCU. I am not looking for a “clan”. If that is what you are asking for i am sorry. But I am looking for collaborations and potentially friends