1. Brandon LaBove


    Hey guys!! My name is Brandon, and I would like to know if there is ANYBODY that would love to join me and my friends or friend because the other two barely play with us, into doing some series together or just recording some funny horror maps, survivals, pvp/pve, etc. I have about 65...
  2. TheToastGamer

    I just hit 200 subs!

    It's crazy to think that i only started in February (the 14th to be precise) and despite the fact that it's only been 2 and 3/4 months,I have so many subs already! I know it may not seem like a lot, but think about standing in front of 200 people and doing a public speech... that's when you...
  3. Ruxi

    Collab with me :)

    Hello everyone:winky: I am interested in doing a BIG collab with 2 or 3 (or even more) YouTubers. We can choose the topic together and everyone can benefit after this! Tell me if you'd be interested in doing this and being YouTube friends. My channel is: Ruxandra Alexa I'd love to hear back...
  4. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking For Some Awesome Channels To Collab With!!!

    Hello Everyone!!! So I have a gaming channel on youtube called MeatyBunch and lately iv'e been wanting to connect with people more and building a kind of community. So a great way to meet new people and form a community is with collabs. If anyone has a youtube channel with some good quality...
  5. Surrendead

    Broken Friendships - Draw Something Fun with Friends

    Not your typical game, but it was fun playing an online draw something game, hope everyone here enjoys watching it as much as I did making it! Any feedback on the typography and bgm is welcome!
  6. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED - Looking for consistent PC gamers

    Hey guys, I'm a girl gamer looking for some consistent youtuber gamers to not only collab with but to hopefully make a little group. I put my gender because i feel like there aren't a lot of girl gamers, so it would be cool if some would like to join. However, gender does not matter. I'd...
  7. alilouk

    Gaming Run A Channel With Me!

    Hello guys! My name is alilouk! I am a youtuber who currently is sitting at 562 active subs! which is nice! however, I am very busy as I am in the part of life which demands alot of work regarding school work! Therefor, I have decided to start a new channel with someone! Therefor I invite one of...
  8. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collabing and youtube friends!

    Hi guys, I want to collab w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance are both cool :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? Check out my channel to see if we would be a good fit! : Jenniferbiana (sorry...
  9. Surrendead

    Road to 500 - Overwatch Shenanigans

    took a shot at a new format for subtitle editing, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  10. K

    Gaming Ps4 Looking to collab with people that are funny but don't curse too much lol

    BTW my videos are loud at times just to prepare you Check out my channel to see if our channel is similar We just like to have fun and make the games interesting Mostly play NBA 2K17 and WWE 2K17 and NO CHEESERS OR GLITCHERS!!!! But we are down to play other multiplayer games If you are...
  11. M

    Is it weird that I don't want people I know watching my vids?

    hey everyone, So today I went to post a clip of one of my videos on Instagram and a lot of people I know, don't know about my channel yet... So I didn't post it :unsure2: I don't know why, but I just suddenly started worrying about what they would think and I didn't want them to mention my...
  12. TheGameGateway

    By Myself or with Friends?

    As I'm only allowed to ask for a review on a singular video it's quite difficult for people to make a comparison on the two types of videos that I primarily do. I do videos solo and with my friends and I just seem to always find it's so much more fun and easier to do videos with friends than it...
  13. R

    Gaming Gaming group

    I want you tubers to do a collaborative with like a group collab and want friends so any youtubers under 15 so please contact me here or on my channel rubiex12
  14. MartyTinus

    Gaming PS3 Users?

    Are there YouTubers out there who want to make collaboration video's, but only have "good" games on a PS3?
  15. ConForPresident


    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for new YouTubers / Gamers who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome fun games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly fine! So...
  16. ConForPresident

    Gaming Looking for like minded people to make videos with and deliver amazing gaming videos!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for people to create amazing videos I just have a few small requirements too: 1. Be humble and a decent human being 2. Be able to properly edit and render their own videos. 3. enjoy making videos and just make new friends. 4. Knows how to be funny and have a good time...
  17. ElitePotato

    Gaming Happy to be collaborating with people on PC

    I have an interest in PC games and therefore, I'm happy to do a collaboration with people who share the same interest. Just be yourself and we can amuse each other :) I mostly do free PC games cause we got a whole 'not allowed to spend money on virtual stuff' thing going on at my place. Filming...
  18. I M O B 1

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    I'm looking for YouTube gamers on xbox one. Preferably 15+ Looking for someone frequent to be in my videos Sub count doesn't matter just be able to take jokes around with me. This would be sort of like a Partnership, if we continue to work well together then you will gain a special place in my...
  19. C

    Gaming Bottom Line= I need friends for videos

    I want to start recording Youtube videos with Gmod and Portal as well as Minecraft videos, but I literally can't be funny enough alone. So this is a preach to reach out to find new people who want to gaming videos and such and so they too aren't grinding through solo. And my Youtube name...
  20. TheToastGamer

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers to collab & connect with!

    What is up guys, I'm looking for PC gamers only ( i only really game on PC) to collab with and to create a group with. In this group/collab there are no major requirements, only that you're nice and easy to get on with! I'm 19, so people near my age group would be cool, but it is not a must. I...
  21. Shurikex

    Gaming Collaboration For Overwatch, League Of Legends,ETC

    Hey Guys I'm Shurikex I Have A YouTube Channel That I Started About 3 Weeks Ago Now And I'm Still Looking For My First Collab I Have Around 50 Subscribers At The Moment And Still Growing That Been Said I'm Down To Doing A Collaboration With People Around The Same Level If You Guys Are Interested...
  22. Angie Melon

    How to make YouTube friends..?

    So the main reason I joined this site was to make YouTube friends. Like, I wanted to make some internet friends that were around the same age as me, with similar content as me and stuff like that. But it didn't exactly happen. All that I got were a bunch of people trying to get me to sub to them...

    advice, feedback?

    Hey guys so ive been on youtube a few months and im having alot of fun! of course i want to make the most out of my channel, and deliver the best content i can. I dont have a camera, so i recorded on my mac, my most recent video i recorded on my phone and i feel the quality is much better...
  24. sauzzy

    Gaming Overwatch, Rust, Rocket League, osu!, and much more xD

    I'm a brand new channel looking to post at least 2 or 3 times a week somethin and am looking for some people who preferably have discord to chill wilth and make videos with me :) if you are interested in making videos not wining because I'm bad than hit me up :D
  25. ItzAlexDuhVlog


    Hello fellow Youtubers!, I'm fairly new to YouTube I created my channel on December 2016 & im looking for Vlogger friends to chat & also future collabs! You can email me at Looking Forward To Meeting You!
  26. Tyler Andrews

    Vlog 7 Day vLoggers Collab!

    Back in the older days of YouTube, there were a bunch of vLog channels that had seven people involved, each that had their own day to upload in regards to a challenge that was made up previously in the week. WELL. I'm looking for six people of all ages to join me in making one of these...
  27. Sparks5898

    Gaming collab?

    Just looking for someone or anyone that wants to collab only requirement is you need a ps4 lol nothing else really matters also looking to makes as well if your willing to hmu on my twitter :dsparks5898 or insta:dsparks i hope y'all have a great day
  28. Surrendead

    GMOD Prop Hunt w/ Friends

  29. Vivian King

    Would anyone like to be YouTube friends?

    Hello, I started this forum about 2 days ago and am looking for YouTube friends. Would any of you be interested? Possibly collaborating.:)
  30. Surrendead

    GMOD Prop Hunt: 3 till Death - ft. Fellow YTT'ers

    Some fun moments I had playing GMOD prop hunt with fellow YTT'ers. YTTalk is really a great place to make friends with similar interests! So I urge everyone to just go out and start talking with people, everyone is extremely friendly!