Vlog 7 Day vLoggers Collab!

Back in the older days of YouTube, there were a bunch of vLog channels that had seven people involved, each that had their own day to upload in regards to a challenge that was made up previously in the week.


I'm looking for six people of all ages to join me in making one of these channels a thing again.

My goal is to have this channel made and have the first upload on

Sunday February 5th, 2017.

If you're interested, leave your Skype name and YouTube channel link in desc. or send me a message!

And please, have a decent camera (or phone in most cases nowadays) and have at least one upload per week.
Looking forward to this collaboration!
Have a great day :)
yeah I might be interested in that. I dont really use skype much but my account is lockylive, same on almost everything actually. Do you know what sort of content it would put out?

I would love to participate, however, at 18, and just starting out, I don't know how I would fit in... But hey! My skype is christian.girton if you'd like to chat about it...