1. C

    Other Looking for content creators for new channel

    I'm planning to start an entertainment channel where we will have weekly shows, podcast, gaming videos etc. Looking for people who would like to create content for this channel.
  2. C

    Vlog Teen Collab Group

    Wouldn't it be great to have a group of 6-8 vloggers, all ages 17-20, to post a vlog once a week, as a collab group? If you'd be interested, email me at ctgirton@gmail.com and we can chat, see if it would work!
  3. Tyler Andrews

    Vlog 7 Day vLoggers Collab!

    Back in the older days of YouTube, there were a bunch of vLog channels that had seven people involved, each that had their own day to upload in regards to a challenge that was made up previously in the week. WELL. I'm looking for six people of all ages to join me in making one of these...
  4. S

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTubers around the Indianapolis Area

    I make public prank videos, comedy skits, and other comedy related videos. I have other types of videos I would like to do, but preferably in the future. I need a cameraman mostly, but it would be better if I knew other people who want to make Youtube videos weekly as well. - Much love