Gaming Happy to be collaborating with people on PC


I have an interest in PC games and therefore, I'm happy to do a collaboration with people who share the same interest. Just be yourself and we can amuse each other :)
I mostly do free PC games cause we got a whole 'not allowed to spend money on virtual stuff' thing going on at my place. Filming and featuring the other person will mostly be on Skype. If you stay near me, I could settle for meet ups.
Some requirements (Bummer...)
No limit to amount of subscribers
Age must at least be 12 and above
Fine with all genders
Ways of reaching me:
If you are interested, feel free to send me a message or a comment here or on my Youtube Channel: Elite Yuppies
From there, if both parties are in agreement of making and collaboration video, we can use Skype to communicate and discuss further details. Like what game to play and when to film.
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