Gaming Looking for PC gamers to collab & connect with!


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What is up guys,

I'm looking for PC gamers only ( i only really game on PC) to collab with and to create a group with. In this group/collab there are no major requirements, only that you're nice and easy to get on with! I'm 19, so people near my age group would be cool, but it is not a must.

I have only just started my youtube channel so I have 31 subs, however collabing offers viewers something different, a different type of entertainment! Which is what I'm interested in. Also to meet people & game with them is just sick (awesome) in general!

I play a lot of fps games, like CSGO, Six seige, tbh i have a lot of games in my library, i'm not going to list them all haha.

If you are interested please contact me through either-
steam: lnyeko
or hit up my facebook page : thetoastgamer

drop a like on the page too!
I actually haven't played those, (tbh i prefer MW when it comes to COD)

but i'm willing to try :) literally, suggest and ill download
Hi, it will be nice to play with you. I play battlefield 1,battlefront,...can't list but am looking for people to collab with on GMOD, battlefield 1 and others. I will add you on steam and send you email