Gaming looking to make friends and grow on youtube with each other


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Hey im looking to make friends to grow on YouTube with each other and over all have a good time!

dont really care how old you are but if you have a squeaky voice chances are im not gonna wanna play with you.

I have CSGO, GMOD, H1Z1, DayZ, Minecraft, GTA V, Fortnite (dont really play it that much), I'm always open to get new games aswell.

unfortunately I do have a job so I'm not able to get on 24/7 but I am on almost everyday.
If you wanna play my discord is ItsTheProofless#5657 or DM me on twitter @akaProofless
Hi akaProofless and welcome to the forum. I see there is something wrong with your channel-link so maybe you should get that fixed so we can check your channel out. You will find lots of gamers here fore sure. I think that about 90% of the channel here are gaming channel:) Best of luck with yours:up2:
Hey I would love to play games with you I have a PS4 I have a laptop for editing but not very familiar with editing.
I don't have any talk on my videos as I have kids, but I do mostly live stream and later at night when the sleep. If you like to work up any Idea's glad to help.
oh and I do have a headset and mic its just Samsung head phones.

Utah Mountain Time Zone