Collaborations / Friends
(My friends and I are looking for people to collaborate with, so far everyone that has said they are up to record are never online or never reply back.)​

Currently we there are only three of us, we're looking for more friends to have a laugh or two with and make memorable videos and grow together, we don't care about subscribers or views but when we talk about growing we are more then happy to give advice or get advice from our group.
Our humor is very "edgy" and very "Out there" if you're sensitive to certain topics we can work around it but other then that we make jokes that can be taken to heart but we don't mean anything by heart its all "bit" or a joke"

For requirements we're looking for people with:
1) Decent Microphone
2) Working Recording Software
3) PC that can run games (very) well
4) At least be 15+ of age (15-20 age group)
5) Discord
6) Steam
7) American/Canadian Time Zones (PST EST CDT MDT MST PDT ADT)

No we're not asking you to sing but or to dance. We improvise humor, we make a bit or a skit for humor. Improvise is making up a joke/bit/skit on the spot we improvise a lot and we've recorded with people that don't improvise and they don't fit in as well with the group and its awkward.

Video Games:
We all play games, and most of us are gaming channels, so here are some games that we mainly play but not all games, we mostly play: PUBG, CS:GO, GTA V, and Garry's Mod.
we play other games as well if you decide to join us then we'll give you a list of all of the games we play
*We Stay Away From Fortnite! Sorry!*

Your Channel:
Doesn't matter how many subscribers you have or how many views you have, like I said we're growing together and don't want to hear someone flex on us over 100 subscribers, we're here to grow so if you're thinking about flexing on us about the 50 subscribers more you have then us please don't. Thanks.

If you're down to record with us and grow as a group then please feel free to add me on discord: Hift#2580
I don't check YtTalk often so please add me, I accept your friend request and we can talk!

(Before I got people adding me to join their discord "Gaming Community" please don't add me for that reason
I'll block you because its not a "Community" you're trying to get members)