1. HiftyNifty

    Gaming Collaborations / Friends

    Collaborations / Friends (My friends and I are looking for people to collaborate with, so far everyone that has said they are up to record are never online or never reply back.) About: Currently we there are only three of us, we're looking for more friends to have a laugh or two with and make...
  2. B

    Funny Gmod Prop Hunt!

    Hey guys, I play prop hunt with my friends and put a lot of effort into making videos funnier. If you could check it out that would be great thanks. Lots of funny moments and point where I tripped over a box and face-planted into the sewage...
  3. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming PC Gamer Looking to callab

    I'm a guy that plays many games on my youtube and I want to do a collab with someone. Requirements - Age 15+ subs do not matter good-ish mic I mostly like to play games like - Minecraft (with or without mods) Garry's Mod Unturned If you are interested tell me your age and skype in the comments