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I'm a guy that plays many games on my youtube and I want to do a collab with someone.
Requirements -
  • Age 15+
  • subs do not matter
  • good-ish mic
I mostly like to play games like -
  • Minecraft (with or without mods)
  • Garry's Mod
  • Unturned
If you are interested tell me your age and skype in the comments
I may be interested in collaborating with you a some point. I say at some point because I have pretty garbage rural internet that doesn't preform well most times. I'll keep in touch if I find an opportunity. :D
Age: 15(turning 16).
Voice: deep-ish, especially for my age.
Skype: mattbnz12
Mic: Extremely good $120NZD
Game: Gmod
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