1. KoziOnPc

    Gaming Unturned Roleplay

    I am looking for someone to collab with on a Unturned RP server it dose not matter how many subs you have just looking to make fun and entertaining videos. Requirments: GMT Timezone or 1hr ahead Decent mic Skype if your interested contact me on Skype:KoziOnPc Ps.Im willing to play other...
  2. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming collab

    Hi everyone i am Creeforple i don't have any subs atm because i restarted my channel because of alot of inactive subs, But me and my friends are looking for some people to play and record the following games Ark Survival Evolved (We have a server) GMod GTAV CS:GO Minecraft (we kinda have a...
  3. Jamin B.

    Gaming Looking for someone to collaborate with on PC!

    Must Be 13+ These are the games that a can play: Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Terraria, Robocraft, Unturned, Brawlhalla. Can not swear in my video. (Especially with the new YT Rules.) Must have Skype. My skype is: TheNerdyKid Apply in the comments.
  4. JEgginator9000

    Unturned Mega Zombie vs Girl Friend & Me in a Military Base

    I die too much thankfully my girl friend's there to help me :coffee2::unsure2:
  5. SharSjar

    Your upload schedule? ;)

    Hello saints and sinners~ :P I just wanted to chat with you all and I was wondering on what days do you upload your videos?! I recently made a schedule myself and it's already so much easier. Monday 10PM CEST - Unturned gameplay Thursday 10PM CEST - Drinking games Saturday 10PM CEST - The...
  6. JonCruz

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab who play CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and more!

    I'm a bit of a small Youtuber with over 600 subs (My Youtube is Jon Cruz) I am looking for any Youtubers with at least 100 subs to collab with on the games like CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and all the "IO" games. If you are interested reply to this post with your skype and Youtube link! Thanks!
  7. 42Blazing

    Gaming Necropolis And Unturned Collab

    Looking for people to play and record Necropolis and unturned with. I dont care how many subs you have you just gotta be fun so i can get some of them high quality funny moments!!
  8. Afam

    Gaming Looking For A Gmod (Garrys mod) Collaborate

    Hey everyone I am looking for some to record with on pc. You Must be willing to record regularly,I Have A small group called jinx squad but im looking for someone that love to record regularly,not all the time.We are looking for people who are Passionate about YouTube, and Strive to give others...
  9. Darvin

    Gaming looking for a group to collabe with!!!!!

    I am looking for a group of at least 3 people on PC. I have some games but can always get more. requirements are... -a mic(decent) -skype -no specific number of subscribers - humor and I am looking to play games like -league of legends -world of warcraft -unturned -csgo -undertale commentaries...
  10. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming PC Gamer Looking to callab

    I'm a guy that plays many games on my youtube and I want to do a collab with someone. Requirements - Age 15+ subs do not matter good-ish mic I mostly like to play games like - Minecraft (with or without mods) Garry's Mod Unturned If you are interested tell me your age and skype in the comments
  11. CollideEffect

    Love making videos, check it out!

    I am currently making videos for YouTube, just trying to build a bigger fan base because i really enjoy doing it and i want more people to see it, so if you like it.. come check out my channel!
  12. NotANoob

    Gaming PC/PS4 YouTube Gaming Group

    Hi, my name's Alex and I wanted some new friends to play and record with. I have a YouTube channel called NotANoob with about 680 subscribers. I would like for you to be ages 13 to 16 years old (I am 13). For you to join the group there is no amount of subscribers you have to have but there is a...
  13. MoviusMobius

    Gaming Lets Play Some Games Togher!

    Looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with me. I play Minecraft, Gmod, and Unturned. The only real requirement I have is that you need a decent mic. Also I would prefer some who is enthusiastic and fun. Go ahead and add me on Skype if your interested at: MoviusMobius.
  14. ThedarkFino

    What Do You Think!!

    What do you guys think about my new thumbnail for my newest video