1. J

    DSLR or Webcam for splitscreen multicam music lessons and splitscreen skype?

    Hi everyone, I am a music teacher and I'm wanting to begin offering my lessons via Youtube and also Skype, I currently don't have any streaming/recording equipment and I'm really wanting to make sure I buy the things that will do what I need. I will be mainly teaching guitar and I'm wanting to...
  2. RatchYT

    Gaming Looking for a collab with someone with 50+ subs

    Hi. My name is Villads and i have a youtube channel with 60+ subs and i am looking for a person to collab with. I can offer a youtube banner or a logo for a collab. Hit me up on skype: villads.nedergaard On my youtube channel i do editing and i will start doing tutorials.
  3. Melee Vida

    Commentary Collab with me, 10 minutes Podcast, I have 6k subs.

    Hello, My names Melissa I am 19yrs old and I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing a collaboration. Something were we will brake down a story, subject or idea, fad or phenomenon, just about anything, and we will talk from all perspectives. I need someone who is interesting has...
  4. O


    Hy mine name is Ozark or (Austin) I'm a gamer who has been playing games for 11 years and have been posting videos for 1 year now and now I'm looking for collaborators to hang out with and post valuable content I play on xbox one the most right now but I'm slowly moving over to pc if you would...
  5. I

    Vlog Long distance video collab

    Hey everyone, I am a small youtuber hoping to get known, and was wondering if anyone wanted to collab with me. My channel that I run with my friend, Melissa, mainly focuses on tags and challenges and random little games. However, as we live somewhere pretty isolated, it makes collabs almost...
  6. BilliamGeorge

    Request Intro/Outro Video! (Willing to pay via PayPal)

    I'm looking for someone to help make an intro/out to video! I'm willing to give them a little money for their time! Preferably they could show me and talk to me through it over Skype or something!
  7. F

    Gaming Looking for a family-friendly Minecraft Youtuber to collab

    Im looking for a family-friendly Minecraft Youtuber to collab, 12-16 years old, English-speaker. Skype: FilipTEM Minecraft: FilipTEC YouTube: FilipTEM Contact me on Skype.
  8. mikep4441

    Gaming Pixel League Season 2! (PC) OPEN TO ANYONE!

    Pixel league season 2 is looking for new players! Anyone who enjoys Pokemon or Mine craft will enjoy this. Pixel League is an open mine craft server with lots of Pokemon running around to catch, train and battle with, me and the other server mod have also created Pokemon gyms to battle and...
  9. aks500

    Gaming Looking for youtubers that play

    Are you a youtuber that plays or do you just enjoy it? Well if you do then you have come to the right place! I would like to do some sort of challenge video like get #1 or mabye last 10 mins, something like that would be cool, I am open to new ideas as well. Requirments: 1 or more...
  10. SwiftUnity

    Gaming PC Professional Gaming Collab! (800+ SUBS) Project Apex Group

  11. sparkypi

    How do you capture Skype calls for game collabs?

    If you want to do a collab with another gaming YouTuber over the internet, how do you capture their voice and time it with your video? Do you just have to send it to each other?
  12. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming Group PC/Xbox One

    Hey guys it's Creeforple here (Cree-for-pull) I am recruiting for a gaming group that i am in, We have been looking for new people for awhile but have been stumped for awhile, This will be a gaming group so we want people who will be active, A few of the guys including the originator of the...
  13. J

    Gaming Anyone want to work together? (Gaming Channel)

    Im new to youtube and was wondering if anyother channel wanted to work with me. Not like share a channel but like help each other out, and skype in videos or something. Im a gaming channel and am really interested. Im 15 and not interested in the sub for sub stuff, it is just stupid. So just...
  14. connorrider

    Commentary Looking to start a Podcast.

    As the title says I'm looking to start a podcast, I've not been active on YouTube in a while so I'm looking to start back with a podcast. I haven't worked out how regular I would be planning to record this yet but probably around once a week/twice a month. It will be based on current events...
  15. HelenMorgan

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to Meet Fellow Youtubers c:

    Hey! I'm Helen and I'm 18. I do beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos, and I'm pretty new to youtube so I would love to meet some other youtubers c: I have skype and I'm open to meetups if anyone is in the Cincinnati area ^_^
  16. Anjim

    Gaming YouTubers Play Together

    Hi I am doing a series on playing with different gaming YouTubers. Requirements are: It doesn't matter how many subs you have PC and PS4 only Message on my channel because if you up to it. I have Discord and Skype but I rarely check those. The style is inspired by Game Grumps and...
  17. M

    Gaming Youtube/Gaming Group

    Hi, my name is MechtonFX and I am a YouTuber who does graphic design content. I have decided to create a Gaming, GFX and YouTube group. I am the owner and I am mostly active every day! I have created this group for people to have fun and make new friends online. Now when making a group like this...
  18. ColdyHD

    Gaming Looking for CSGO & Rocket leauge PC Collab 100+ subs req

    Hey My name is Coldy i am 16 years old. i have been doing professional youtube for around a week now my videos have gained a total around 220 views and i am at 130 subsribers. I am looking for a funny, mature and relevent youtuber that aims to be proffesional and wants to grow his/her channel...
  19. jrock20

    Youtube Channel Art

    Hello! my name's Jay. Lately I've been in need of an animator that can create channel art. I'm in need of a banner, channel logo, and a watermark(logo in png.file). If you are willing to collaborate with me on this project please contact me through either skype or email(skype is prefered)...
  20. Tuttiman

    Gaming Looking for a gaming partner to do a shellshock series and much more on PC.

    I'm looking for guys or girls who uses a PC and would like to have a partner to record with. Not Squad but partner. where we can go do 1v1 against each others for challenges and s**t. I'm 15 from the UK, so I would prefer anyone who can cope with my timezone. I have 273 subs. Criteria is that...
  21. N

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Collaborate With

    I have been making YouTube videos for over a year and I only have 16 subscribers. Mainly I am looking to make videos with other people but there are reasonable requirements. 1: Age of 18+ 2: Good quality audio and video 3: At least 1 video a week 4: Uses Skype or something equivalent 5: Plays...
  22. Brenden

    Gaming Need a good commentator for Gaming on a Budget

    BudgetGamers is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in gaming and can do our weekly segment known as "Gaming on a Budget". I was thinking, we could have a once a week series that is around a minute and 30 seconds that highlights games going on sale, new free to play games, and ways to get...
  23. En_crypted

    Commentary Commentary Collab anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone wants to collab and make some commentary videos just chatting, gaming or actually making a video But I have requirements have to have over 100 subscribers some what good at editing and photoshop have a PC have Gmod and Steam I don't think it matters much for the last...
  24. Lethality

    Voice Acting Experienced Voice Actor (Male, 20) looks for project!

    Hey guys'n'gals! I'm Chris, from Germany (GMT+1) and I'm looking for a project to help people with! On my channel you can't see any projects ofc, that's because my Voice Acting Channel is in German (I'd be mental to link it in an English forum) Just hit me up on Twitter: @Lethality112 or on...
  25. N

    Gaming Looking For People To Collab With On YouTube

    Hello, I'm Nick, I would love to collaborate with genuinely funny people who have a very great sense of humor, and love to have a great, exciting time. I want to be like a Vanoss 2.0 group, by being the same and different in many ways... -Similarities •comedic •entertaining •enjoyable •great...
  26. C

    Gaming (PC) Gaming Collab

    I am a new gamer (playing any family friendly content) and wanting to start collaborating. I would like to have a partner or a group to share content. You can have any subs or none at all. For my channel type "CatCrafter YT" in YouTube. Requirements: - Must have Skype - Must be over 10 - Must...
  27. Beybladeog

    Gaming Vanilla Minecraft Private Server - Youtubers only (must record) Looking to collab with 15-20 players

    Vanilla Minecraft Private Server - Youtubers only (must record) Looking to collab with 15-20 players - Skype - Plugins- ANDMORE Hello everyone I have decided to start a server soon that will be whitelisted. I am a fellow Youtuber looking to make this server to make grow each others channels...
  28. Dyrono

    Gaming Minecraft Pixelmon Series! NEED A GROUP

    Hello! I want to make a Pixelmon Minecraft series kinda like a Pokemon Go series like when you have 3 teams and the last episode will VS teams! What I need is just: Age: Skype: Mic quality?: Could you do schedules?: MC Name: Name:
  29. MadJack

    Gaming Looking for some collaboration! [PC Only]

    Hello All, So I'm currently looking for YouTubers to collaborate with and also become friends with too. This is will be a great opportunity to help other small creators like myself and be motivated to edit and also upload more as well. Here are some things you must have before we can collab...
  30. MechMaster

    Gaming Gmod, CS:GO, Overwatch, basically pc games collab

    Yo guys, we're looking for someone to collab with, if you want to contact us about it then here's our Skype: Skype: pokeguy981 my friend's Skype: modder67 just be sure to let me know you're from the YTalk forums, I'll check out your channel and we'll accept or reject your request something just...