1. M

    Gaming Looking For people who want to collaborate on Computer

    Hello my YouTube Channel Name is MaLlyd, I'm 13, and looking for anyone who wants to play computer games together. I'd prefer Minecraft or because I don't have much money of my own in my wallet ( I got Minecraft for Christmas) and would prefer to stick with games I already own. Things...
  2. MoviusMobius

    Gaming Lets Play Some Games Togher!

    Looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with me. I play Minecraft, Gmod, and Unturned. The only real requirement I have is that you need a decent mic. Also I would prefer some who is enthusiastic and fun. Go ahead and add me on Skype if your interested at: MoviusMobius.
  3. Yangy Productions

    Gaming Skype Group for YouTubers to meet!

    This is an already established group with over 40 members where YouTubers can meet and collaborate with eachother! I founded this a while ago and we're constantly looking for more people! No requirements, you can also add whoever you like! Feel free to reply to this thread with any questions...
  4. LionWaffles

    Request Need gaming intro! (free pls)

    Hi guys, I already have an intro but it's old and boring, so I think it's about time for a new one. If anyone could make me a gaming intro, add me on Skype! Skype name: roen1249