1. Aeroinix

    Gaming Anyone Wanna Collab? (minecraft)

    Hey Everybody! Follow This Guide/Template to Collab with me Below! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Minecraft IGN: Skype OR discord OR email: Channel link?: Subs?: What is your mic? (just wondering, Not picky): How Active are you? What is Your Timezone? (mines EST): Thanks ! - Aeroinix
  2. zZAZzIL

    Gaming League Of Legends content creators!

    Hey guys! I´m new to this site and i'm new to youtube. I'd like to do a collab with another LOL content creator to help us both grow:) Im looking forward to put a new channel under the tag"Check out this Channels aswell" and for someone to do the same with my channel but on your channel wall...
  3. Javier Nazario

    Gaming Looking for Civ V players

    I'm looking for three Civilization V players to collab with in a Livestream or just a Recording but it is necessary to have Skype comment down below to set a Skype call and coordinate everything. (It would probably be for at least a week from now)
  4. Anjim

    Animation Calling all Anime/Manga Youtubers

    Hey I am looking for some anime/manga Youtubers to do a manga read along, discussion about series and Japanese culture. If you are interested Inbox me on my channel Anjim 2.0 and we will figure about a schedule. Together will can grow! We can do Skype or Google Hangout. Note: their is not...
  5. Assim Dallali


    Hey guys, my name is Assim and I am looking for another Youtuber that is able to do a collab with me. This will be a prank in public. If there are any Youtubers that live in Wembley, London then hit me up and skype then we can have a chat. Skype:- assim.dallali135 Thanks
  6. PeachPlayz

    Gaming Minecraft Collab Skype

    Hello! I know you don't read a lot, so if yo do not qualify for any of the things on this list, I am probably not your guy, but if it is minor, ask me about it on this thread! I am looking for: 1. A collaborator to play games like minecraft and (Maybe) xbox games with(MAYBE) 2. You have to speak...
  7. AsaschaYT

    Gaming Want to collaborate? (Mobile Gaming)

    Hey, and welcome. This post is a very important one as i am searching for someone to collaborate with! I make Clash Of Clans videos but i am happy to try out new games as long as they are Mobile Games :) If your channel has around 50 subs and you want to collaborate with me make sure to leave...
  8. Sam Wolfie

    Request [Free]Cool Outro for gaming channel

    Hey I'm looking for someone who would be willing to make an awesome outro for my gaming channel. Comment or msg me from skype if you are interested. My Skype name is mewwitch
  9. S

    Gaming Looking for a PC YouTube Gaming Bud

    What does your collaboration consists of? I am looking for a partner to record YouTube videos with! We can play a variety of games, you can choose if you would like even. What are the requirements for the Collaboration? I would like you to be at least 16. It is easier for me to deal with...
  10. Sam Wolfie

    Gaming Anyone: Mobile Game Collab?

    I do xbox and PC games too but sadly they both broke so while I'm getting money to get a new Xbox or a PS4 I wanna know if anyone would like to do a Mobile game collab. Comment if you are interested :)
  11. R

    Gaming Looking for someone who wants to collab!

    Hi I am just looking for someone who would like to collab with me. I don't have many subscribers but i'm still going to give youtube a go. I am soon turning 15 and would like to play with people around the same age. I mainly play PS4 but I do have a few PC games. Also if you live in Australia it...
  12. ComputerFiguur

    Gaming PC Gaming collaboration

    Hey! Lets introduce myself.. I am a 24-year old female gamer from the Netherlands.. Well i turn 25 next week but thats something for that week.. For my channel i'm looking for people to collab with. I do have a few things that you have to be or can do.. - You have to be atleast 16 years old! -...
  13. javacentral

    Coffee talk ft Promice! A collab with another yttalker!

  14. Justin Beast

    Request [Paying] 10$ Visa Debit card for intro and outro! (Open!)

    Hello, there! My name is Jbeast and I am currently looking for an intro and outro that is cutsom and classic. I don't want any intro that would be stealing off of other people, and I want it to be about my content, Minecraft. I need them to look professional! I will pay using a Visa Debit Card...
  15. C

    Services [FREE][BANNERS] Youtube Designs

    Hello, In this thread I'll be offering a free design service to you. My channel consists of various youtube graphics and other designs you may use for you channel. My service is absolutely free and only requires a simple psd download. Sample work: Contact me through skype: Hershvir...
  16. Formal Fox Productions

    How to adjust Skype audio in OBS?

    Hey guys. I've started recording with a friend and we use Skype to talk. I'm using OBS to record the video/live stream because it picks up the Skype call. However, the Skype call itself is very quiet on the recordings. My question is: What is the best way to balance the game audio and Skype...
  17. Minix

    Gaming Looking to Collab ( Mostly Minecraft)

    Hey guys I was thinking about this today and I really want to collab with someone I play mostly minecraft so if your a minecraft pc gamer and want to collab you found the right place I think A little bit about me I'm 13 My channel name is MinixMC I recently Revamped my Youtube channel to make...
  18. AM25


    Hello fellow content creators,I am looking to collab with someone at around about 100 to 150 subs like me.We can do pc gaming or a joint commentary whatever one works well for you.I wold be open to doing any other talking related videos you have. My skype:Ash/Flash If your interested contact...
  19. Justin Beast

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab!

    Hey dudes! I am looking for a group of people to start a community with and collab with to grow our channels! If you would like to join, please tell me your channel name (your link might not work) so I can check out your content! Games I can play: Rocket League Minecraft Civilization 5...
  20. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming PC Gamer Looking to callab

    I'm a guy that plays many games on my youtube and I want to do a collab with someone. Requirements - Age 15+ subs do not matter good-ish mic I mostly like to play games like - Minecraft (with or without mods) Garry's Mod Unturned If you are interested tell me your age and skype in the comments
  21. DatTechStuff

    Gaming GTA (PC) Online Streams!

    Hey, I'm looking for a few people to play with on GTA Online streams for PC! If you're interested message me your Skype! :D (REQUIREMENTS) - Decent Microphone (Blue Snowball/Equivalent or Above) - A PC With Specs Good Enough To Run GTA - Decent Internet Connection (So That Skype Doesn't Muck...
  22. Ashtronova

    Gaming Any Black Ops 3/ FPS youtubers interested in a skype call?

    i'm looking to meet new people who also do FPS gameplay on youtube for a skype call. it can be anything from multicod, to CS:GO, battlefield, etc etc. anything along the lines of it! i'm interested in sharing ideas, helping each other grow, maybe collab, encouragement, etc etc... with people...
  23. NJCGaming

    Gaming small PC Gamer fleet for recording

    Hello guys my name is Noah and i would like to start a small PC Gamer fleet tp record with and have fun with in various games! (i.e. Minecraft, Call of duty AW, Call of duty WAW, Call of duty Black ops 2, DayZ, Garrys mod, Grand theft auto V, Grand theft auto IV, Left 4 dead 2, Rocket leauge...
  24. Y


  25. A

    Gaming Wanna Collab On PC (If you have skype that'd be great)

    If anyone wants to collab on PC i've got some games we can play GAMES: Minecraft Garry's Mod Town Of Salem (Its free but you can buy it) Nosgoth (some vampire game) GTA V (we can do the single player co-op mod :D) Killing Floor 2 Arma 3 Few more i can't think of.
  26. Rendevouz

    Other Anyone wanna Skype?

    Kinda bored. Thought we can talk or something with other youtubers or peeps. Maybe learn a few things or stuff. Sype: xRendevouzx / Rendevouz
  27. I

    Gaming Xbox 360 Cod bo zombies 1 ,2 or 3 collab

    Xbox 360 users collab for call of duty Black ops zombies 1, 2 or 3 no subs over 50- and mics recording software /w skype My gamertag Zerxio a average mic , No chill please i make offensive jokes average players only and fun ones to ^_^ Attemps for funny moments, high rounds and the easter egg...
  28. Maurice Cassidy

    Gaming GTA5 Funny Moments on Xbox One Anyone?

    Hey guys, I want to play GTA 5 with a group of people, merely consisting of races created by the online Rockstar community. You should be humorous and have fun as we play race through the laps and commentate as we progress through the obstacles. I'm looking for "mature" players -- this just...
  29. H

    Gaming Right no one has done this yet....

    SO yeah no one has done this. Everyone is saying. Have to have a professional mic and amazing pc. Can't have background noise and stuff like that. Honestly it doesn't matter if you are having fun. I have quiet a large group of friends that play all sorts of games and I mean all sorts. I played...
  30. The SlowSpawn

    Gaming Pc Gaming Contacts

    Would like to increase the number of people I record with I have Gmod, CS:GO, Depth, Space Engineers, Hidden Source, GTA 5, World at War (for the zombies), and many more games ( I can also purchase more). I have a youtube channel that's at 181 subs atm (although I hide the count for specific...