Hello, there!
My name is Jbeast and I am currently looking for an intro and outro that is cutsom and classic. I don't want any intro that would be stealing off of other people, and I want it to be about my content, Minecraft.
I need them to look professional!
I will pay using a Visa Debit Card, so contact me on Skype at kicwill97
If I send money through PayPal, it will be cut into 2/3 of what I will actually pay because of the payment fee.
You can see my content down below on the red button with "JustinBeast1011" in the middle of it.
I might be able to help you out! May I ask if you want a Minecraft Intro? Because I can't do that but I can do a 3D,2.5D or 2D intro and a Minecraft outro. :)
I tried adding you on Skype but I couldn't find anything, add me instead. Skype is: ieffordly