1. K

    Request Looking for a new Logo and possibly and Intro

    Hey guys im new to the site because im looking for a new logo and maybe an intro if the asking price isnt too much. My channel is King Turtle Gaming, so i want a Turtle King to be logo. Right now i am using a King Franklin the Turtle. Im hoping to switch to something that isnt copyright lol. And...
  2. AllVisuals4U

    How to create an intro?

    Hi, I was wondering what's the best tool to create a simple short (1 to 2 seconds) intro for my videos. So i'm looking for a tool/website where i can create an intro without needing too much skills and where i have all the rights to use that intro in my videos, even commercially. Hope someone...
  3. C

    Request Channel art and intro

    Hello I’m looking to start YouTube properly, I’ve had my Channel years now but content has always been poor and the art isn’t great, hopeing someone or a few people can help me, I’d like all the art you need for a channel, logo, banner, background, I’d like a unique intro to my channel and if...
  4. Frontier Forge

    Intro Clips

    How do you guys feel about intro Clips? For example, After my verbal welcome, I have it cut to my logo with a little wild west fanfare in the background. I thought it fit my frontier, Kansas cowboy theme well, and was really proud of it. However, I've noticed in the analytics that retention...
  5. JamesGAMES YT

    My Favorite Video Game of All Time Playthrough (The Last of Us)

    How's it going, guys? I'm back with my second playthrough, which is a game that I have played through five times before. However, I'll be trying it out on the hard difficulty for the first time. Who's hyped for The Last of Us Part 2!? As always leave any constructive criticism you may have to...
  6. Suxela

    Request Need a Free YouTube Intro

    Hi. I'm just starting out with my channel. I honestly don't even have any videos yet, but that's because I want this channel to be the best it can be. I strongly dislike disorganization, so that's why I've created this thread. I'm not the best with graphic design, and would love for someone to...
  7. Pandun

    Request Pandun

    Looking for an intro an a outro an logo, want it to pretty energetic, including some form of panther logo, hopefully for branding at a later date. dont mind paying but quality has to spot on an not parting with any money untill completion. an would like a little more knowledge of graphic...
  8. ziiChex

    need suggestions come check it out!

    Hey guys today im making a forum post just to give some information I feel you guys should know! Now first here is a lot of questions people ask a lot! Do you need an intro? An outro? Well I say you change your intro everytime! always make it pop funny or different! and an outro? just do a...
  9. Orcullo-Dota and Fortnite

    Services Intro and Outro (Pay what you want)

    Did you want an Intro or Outro for your youtube? Then you are in the right place! - I will make an awesome Intro or Outro for you for just (Pay what you want but not below $1). - I had many customers that enjoyed the Intro or Outro that I made for them. So definitely choose me. Requirements: -...
  10. Orcullo-Dota and Fortnite

    Services (Pay what you want) Cool Intro

    (Pay what you want but not below 1$) Cool Intros. About me- Hello friends, My real name is Gusti Orcullo and I have a youtube channel. I make cool youtube intros just for you. ---------- Just contact me here at- ---------- cool intro, youtube intro, intro
  11. xxvl0ggt1234

    Request Looking for a FREE Intro Maker.

    Hello! My YouTube Channel is This guy plays roblox!!! and I am looking for an intro maker who can make me an intro for free. Reply if interested!
  12. X

    Services 1 Dollar Intro/50 cent Outro

    Do you want a custom and unique intro or outro then you are at the right place! xDreadFox provides the highest quality intro/outros for a low price!
  13. Strobilus

    Request Looking for an animator who can make 2012-2013 era intros

    I was never a big fan of spinny text intros with so many effects you can only barely read the text, which sometimes is in a font which is hard to read, but I still want an intro just for fun. So, I am looking for someone who is capable of making intros which resemble 2012/2013 intros. Examples...
  14. Eveyxo

    Request Need a Animated Intro for My Vids <3

    Hey! I'm looking for an animated intro for my videos, and I've already got the basic idea of what I want, I just suck at animating and stuff like that, haha! I need someone to create the intro for me. I will give credit to you if you agree to make it. Thanks! <3
  15. CJPuffinStuff

    What's A Good Service To Get intros?

    I wanna know where a good intro making service is at. I have tried some before but I wasn't sure if there was any other service that's better or has a lot of customization options. Feel free to link me to a good service and I'll check it out.
  16. ObsessedHD

    Request Looking for Banner & Into! Read desc

    Helloo everyone Im looking for a soild youtube banner and youtube intro, looking for something for free but in return giving a shot out in all my youtube desc and also putting you on my youtube list on my channel! If anyone can help me out, leave a comment or tweet me @HdObsessed on twitter...
  17. Jim Meilof

    Other Looking for a Interviewee, and Actress for Intro!

    Hello everyone! I've run a YouTube channel called BroSpeak for a few years now, and we have just over 1400 subs. BroSpeak is an interview show, in which we interview people of different careers, as well as different creators on YouTube. We've been on hiatus for half-a-month now, and we're...
  18. A

    Request Zombie intro

    Hi I have a gamer Youtube channel I am searching for someone who can design my intro Must be cartoon, for around 10 seconds and nust show my youtube name (ALEKSANGRE). I have an idea: The history can be a heroe making some fire, comes a zombie, and then kills the zombie with some arrows, please...
  19. G

    Intro and outro audio video or just audio?

    Hey guys I'm new here. I recently started a yt channel. I have no idea what I'm doing but so far it's fun. I'm wondering if it is easier to create two short videos one for the intro and one for the outro with say for example my selected music and images logos etc? Or is better to add these...
  20. ALEA freelicencemusic

    Services Free music background, soundtrack, instrumental

    Hello there! I'm a student and jazz musician for a living and I have a big passion for recording. I made this channel so I could produce to my heart's content :D. At the same time I want to allow all content creators to freely download and use my work, be it as background music, intro/outro...
  21. RoyalPhoenix

    Request Need intro [free]

    i need a nice intro for my yt vids
  22. C

    Request Looking for a banner, intro, and outro!

    Hey! I'm cheyenne Jade and i make a bunch of different types of videos i think people would like that have comedy, like skits or cooking videos or vlogs. I would like an intro/outro card or banner for my channel that I'm getting back into. Thanks! ~Cheyenne
  23. DyaniCarissa

    Request Looking for an intro!

    Looking for an intro for the beginning of my videos, something very simple and short. If graphic animation or a few select pictures + music can be included that’d be great. If you’re interested email me at Thanks guys!
  24. LexxGFX

    Services ⤷ Need a Designer? ⤫ Graphic design ⤫ LexxGFX

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✓ Payment follows 50/50 principle ✓ Prices depend on Effort, Working hours & Final result ✓ Communication in English or German ✓ Recieving .psd/.ai/.aep files possible ✓ Changes possible in hindsight ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⤫...
  25. Z

    Request Need a good quality intro for my new channel! Willing to pay.

    Hi there, I've recently just started uploading after many years wondering what if.. I'm in need of a YouTube intro and I'm willing to pay. My username is ZVCH and I would like a funny intro including my username and my face I have a picture of. If this is something you can do then please contact...
  26. M

    Services Get Free 3D Intro For A SHOUTOUT!

    Hello there! I'm Nosh and I'll be making a free 3d intro for you if you give me a SHOUTOUT but note that this is for people with 100subs and above! I can consider 50subs and above but 100subs and above is a must! Thanks! And if interested I recommend you contact me on whatsapp with...
  27. Mirko

    Request Looking for intro and banner

    I am looking for an intro and a banner for my channel. If you are cheap and have experience doing these graphics then let me know.
  28. D

    Request Gaming intro for YouTube (free)

    I am in need of a intro for my YouTube gaming channel that will display my gamer tag "Diabolical Ally"
  29. A


    Looking for a intro outro banner and logo, if you can help ill give you a shout out in one of my videos thanks!
  30. D

    Request Looking for a youtube intro

    hi there im a new youtuber wanting to make videos sadly im no good with intro's. so im looking for someone who is willing to make me one: sadly i can not pay you since im a student and i do not earn money via youtube so if anyone is willing to make one for freehit me up andy details needed plz...