Request Looking for an animator who can make 2012-2013 era intros

Do you prefer 2017 intros or 2012/2013 intros?

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I was never a big fan of spinny text intros with so many effects you can only barely read the text, which sometimes is in a font which is hard to read, but I still want an intro just for fun.

So, I am looking for someone who is capable of making intros which resemble 2012/2013 intros.

Examples of these:
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=UhJRadisCGo (Primary Example)

youtube[dot]com/watch?v=QIK_699TEZQ&t (Other Examples)

If you can do this style, reply with your prices for an intro of this kind.

I'm not a fan of these intros. Hopefully i can change your mind too
These intros are really low quality.
Even though i can do intros like these i don 't use to

You can check my previous work at my channel below and have a look ,
If you like it , contant me via skype or email..

Skype : Mitsosknight
Email :
Hi. I can do one of those for as cheap as $10. I can also have it to you by tomorrow! I'd love to hear from you! hope to work with you soon :)