1. Jack Swish

    Is it bad to tell someone to like and subscribe at the start of your video?

    I see lots of people do this and wonder if that is actually off putting for someone, as they haven't watched much of the video and now are being told to like and sub. Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. Zicon

    Request In need of an Intro and Outro

    Hey I need an intro and outro for my YouTube channel with the colors of my profile picture I will but a link of your channel in the description of every single video I make.
  3. P

    Request Free Channel Art and Intro/Outros Needed Please

    Hey, we are just starting our channel and we're looking for free some channel art and an intro and an outro for our gaming channel as neither of us are any good at graphic design. Any help would be greatly appreciated and all work would of course be credited. As we are a gaming channel we would...
  4. P

    Request Free Channel Art and Intro/Outros Needed Please

    Hey, we're looking for free some channel art and an intro and an outro for our gaming channel as neither of us are any good at graphic design. Any help would be greatly appreciated and all work would of course be credited. As we are a gaming channel we would love for our artwork to be game related!
  5. FatherofTwo

    Thumbnail Poll - Review my Channel

    FatherofTwo here, So I was hoping to get some idea how my channel looks. Does my brand come across, FatherofTwo the wolf of many hats? (each thumbnail he gets dressed up in a genre appropriate costume.) Are my intro and outro long enough? can you easily read everything? could I add anything...
  6. K

    Request I need an intro!

    Background: Hello! My name is Kentroller and I am a new YouTuber starting out! My channel will mostly consist of rant videos, parodys, impressions, and maybe even some let's plays. Payment: This work will not be payed for! It must be done for free! I will give proper credit/shoutouts if you...
  7. PlaidNGlasses

    Request Looking For A Short Simple Intro

    I have been trying to make myself an intro for awhile and i cant get it the way i want. I'm not looking for something to long, over edit, or with loud dubstep music. I'm just looking for a nice short simple intro. If you need a reference, I really like the youtube channel, Gameranx, intro. It...
  8. Preftey

    Request Intro and Outer, free shoutout

    Please can you contact me if you are able to make me an intro and Outro, or just one. I cant pay you hut can give you a shout out on my YouTube channel. Thanks Please contact me at Skype My name is Preftey on skype. If you can't use skype, message me in a comment on my videos as a last resort...
  9. Schulti Media

    Request Is there a website for free intros without watermark?

    Hi guys! Is there a website for free intros without watermark that I can actually use for monetized videos? Nothing fancy, just a short and simple intro. Thanks! :)
  10. G

    Request [FREE] In need of a intro , logo & banner

    Hello , im a small youtuber & i was wondering if someone could make me a matching intro , logo & banner for my youtube , i prefer Black, white & grey colors, i like a clean look, music wise i like slow rap beats & slow dubstep/ dubstep rap remixes, for my banner i just want something that has a...
  11. MelonHeadG

    Request Need an intro for my new gaming channel :)

    Whats up guys, I have decided i am going to get back into YouTube because of how much fun I actually have playing and recording these games. Im just setting up my channel now and I have a basic banner and a really basic profile picture. I've gathered some content, and I'm ready to begin...
  12. Julius Gacgacao

    Services Free Intro (Film Style)

    So I'm just looking for a chance to make more content, and I think this is a great way for me to do it. My service is completely free. All I ask is that when I finish the intro I get to post it to my channel. I just wanna say that I stay committed to my work and don't stop until I'm done. If...
  13. auk

    What kind of intro do you prefer?

    Do you prefer text intros or an animation or no intro at all? I made an animation for my chanel, not something very fancy and i don't know if it's better to keep it or to change it to a text one.
  14. TheMatrixWarrior

    Services 1$ intros and translations!

    I can make 3d intros with sync music and/or translate videos from english to greek, for 1$. If you have a channel with 1k+ subscribers i will do it for free , as long as you agree to mention my channel in te description! Delivery time may vary up to a week. Your video will be uploaded on my...
  15. Jibbsy

    Channel Art And Should I Make An Intro

    Hey guys so I was wondering should I make a intro for all my videos. Not necessarily an animated one but a few sentences that to keep it consistent? Also regarding branding I made a channel banner yesterday and I was hoping to know whether there is anyway I could improve it. Thanks :)
  16. BubbleJunk

    Your intros and outros

    Does anyone know of a channel or person who makes great short bits of music? I want to start looking for intro and outro pieces! Or did you make your own?
  17. Banished

    Request Need someone with After Effect!

    Hey I just need to re-do my intro but my laptop isn't powerful enough and it just crashed haha. I am happy to pay but if someone is keen to do it for free that would be rad! Thanks for reading!
  18. hj154

    Request NEW INTRO - $60 for Quality work

    PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD IF YOU CANNOT CREATE WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Now that that's out of the way :) I am in need of a new intro for my YouTube channel!! I'm interested in a 2D overlay style intro for 2-3 seconds. I would like there to be transparency in the intro, to show some of...
  19. Johnny Kag

    I re-designed my channel!

    So, my sister and I are now working on our new upload schedule and we just finished our first week running it! I re-designed everything on our channel, I created 4 new logos, 3 for our weekly shows and 1 for our channel, I made the intros, an outro and the banner! (Also got new lighting, but is...