Request Intro and Outer, free shoutout


Please can you contact me if you are able to make me an intro and Outro, or just one. I cant pay you hut can give you a shout out on my YouTube channel.


Please contact me at Skype
My name is Preftey on skype.
If you can't use skype, message me in a comment on my videos as a last resort thanks again

Click red box for channel
I'd like to take this on with just the intent of practice so please
A. Don't expect me to finish or provide anything of any quality
B. Please don't expect me to commit or form a contracted agreement
C. Please don't expect me to need or want any compensation

I just wanna practice, since you have nothing to lose as you need not compensate me regardless would you like to share with me what your looking for in intro, so I can get gfx practice?
If miraculously I create something of decent quality, even then I require no payment. If your willing to just share with me so I can my skype is Lightsity, your skype above failed to register.