Should each thumbnail have an episode number? (episode number are in titles)

  • No being in a playlist is simple.

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  • Yes every thumb should be numbered.

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FatherofTwo here,
So I was hoping to get some idea how my channel looks.
  • Does my brand come across, FatherofTwo the wolf of many hats? (each thumbnail he gets dressed up in a genre appropriate costume.)
  • Are my intro and outro long enough? can you easily read everything? could I add anything SUPER useful that I am overlooking?
  • Does it sound okay? I have made real improvements to my recording set up, currently waiting on a boom arm for my mic which should give me even better more focused audio capture. I think this video is a HUGE improvement over my very first video (Sunless Sea episode 1 is my very first video and I think I have come a long way.)
This is my first request at having a video reviewed. I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds or broken the rules. I did read rules before posting I believe I have followed them.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

I watched the Baldurs Gate video on your channel and liked it a lot, nice work.

The thing I would work on the most is the mic settings or even getting a new mic, it would boost the quality of your videos tenfold.

Another point to look at might be the thumbnails and incorporating the episode # as well as making them clickable in terms of attractiveness.

Looking at the tags for the recent video I'd ask - do you want to rank for the word "Gate"? How would that help you get viewers? On the other hand Let's play Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition has a higher popularity than Let's play Baldurs Gate ee, yet you are not using the tage.

A side question -
How does the wolf in the logo relate to fatheroftwo?

Let me know if you have any questions about the above.

Thanks for the input.

So my earlier episodes are recorded with a poorer quality mic, I am now using the ICE Snowball by blue microphones. So I'm not sure if you heard that mic's recording.

I am hesitant to add #1 #2 etc. to my thumbs because I think it might look tacky. However, if you think they really help to navigate Let's Plays I think about adding numbers to the thumbnails.

I am just starting to get the hang of Tagging my videos well. Thank you for the tag I will add it shortly I also JUST figured out how to add a description to en entrie playlist.
As for the wolf, I am part Cherokee and in my youth, I was guided to find my spirit animal. The wolf came to me. I have a very strong connection to wolves. I grew up in small towns with lots of wilderness near, I love the peace you can find in nature.
If you have ever looked into how wolves truly act as a family or a pack, you would know that wolves are extremely family oriented and want only the best for their pups. Wolves survive mostly on vermin and rodents because they are a safe and easy meal, they will stalk a herd of caribou, however, if there or no old or weak, they will not attack they won't risk the health of the pack for a kill. So, especially now that I am a father, I find the essence of the wolf resonates with my outlook on life and family. So when I was told 'Pick a brand, something you like and stick to it." Instantly I knew I would be FatherofTwo wolf. lol.
Anyways I hope that answers that question.

I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look and give me some feedback. I will definitely think on what you said, thank you so much.
Thanks for explaining it - now it really makes sense.

About the thumbnails - it is for the viewers to distinguish if they have seen the video before or not, and an episode number helps a lot.
Thanks for explaining it - now it really makes sense.

About the thumbnails - it is for the viewers to distinguish if they have seen the video before or not, and an episode number helps a lot.

Should future thumbnails have larger numbers? or is it readable at the size it is now?
Feels a bit small, but readable - just not the bottom right corner - that gets covered with the video time.
ok, well I have a bunch made for the current playlists, However, I have a new game coming this week. So that one I will make bigger, I also just got a tip on how to make all the numbers much closer to the same size no matter what font it is in. Also, I didn't think about the video length getting in the way, thank you for mentioning it, eventually I probably would have put one bottom right eventually.[DOUBLEPOST=1477410132,1477409246][/DOUBLEPOST]I am so dumb.. The witcher numbers are covered. v.v . Woooahs me. lol. Just kidding kiddos. The witcher is going to be huge long.. I am going to have to move them. BUT WHERE =\[DOUBLEPOST=1477410735][/DOUBLEPOST]Or not, there is no other place the look good, In the mini thumbs you can't see the number its covered by the length time. However, if you are looking at 'videos' on my page with slightly bigger thumbs than you can see the number above the timer.
Lol, this is more complicated than I thought it would be!