1. DTay Chaos

    Request Looking for a dope intro animation!

    Im wondering if anyone knows how to make cartoon intros like a squirtle squad intro or just a cool animated character if anyone knows anybody who can make fan art or do this for me please reply am willing to pay
  2. Quirkypoo


    Heyooo, I've made an intro and an outro for my videos but they both very different styles? I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether they should either be the same.. different.. or even the same style and different? I might be looking into this a little bit too much but just...
  3. LaZzy Ghost

    Video outros

    hey i am a youtube gamer. i love playing games and was wondering. how to make a outro for a video. any tips you have i will greatly appreciate.
  4. yongychong

    Does an Intro BOOST retention or take away from retention?

    Hey guys, in your opinions does a well made intro (maybe like 3-5 seconds) encourage the viewer to watch longer or cause them to click away? I've seen people claim that one or the other is better. Or if it's the case of what content you create specifically, what kinds of content warrant an...
  5. tonyphan

    How Long Your Intro Should Be?

    I'm just starting Vlogging on Youtube recently and I have around 10-12 seconds for my generic intro appearing on all vlogs at the beginning. Some tell me that the intro should only be around 5 or 6 seconds. So what do you guys think? Is 5 or 6 seconds enough for your intro? I'd also love to...
  6. Noah Richardson

    Services [Free] Avatars, Banners, Intros, and More!

    You can check out my intro playlist here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send me an email at...
  7. MAGnify

    Request [FREE] 3-5 second intro needed

    Hey guys my YouTube name is PeachFuzzBandit and i've been noticing some decent growth for such a small channel, and i'm looking to see if anyone would like to make me a simple but unique 3-5 second intro for my channel. My only one request is please DO NOT to the overused styles like the intro's...

    Introduction to my channel! COMMANDER VLOGS!

    Join me on this journey called life. On this VLOG channel. I film my life, my dog, my friends, my neighbor Cheryl & more. I'm always trying to do cool and unique things to entertain you. Here's my Intro Video!
  9. AshtheMonster

    Request Intro and Outro Song & Jingle?

    I've always wanted a outro and intro jingle for my channel. Especially something with ukulele (if you know how to play ukulele you have basically won my heart already). In return, I can offer a very generous shout out to your channel including links, end screen, and putting you in my featured...
  10. UnboxingSve

    Build your own logo and intro over phone apps

    Hello everybody, Recently I found out about these two apps for mobile phone which can be very useful for new youtube channels that cannot afford to pay for logo design or some intro. These two apps I find very easy to use so everybody can handle them. There are many apps like these available...
  11. DePhil


    Hey guys, my name is Phil and I'm a YouTuber with 400+ subs. By this post, I'm looking for a person, who can design me a cool and clean intro not a default 3D intro with a black background and a colored font. I want a smooth intro with a white styled background and light colors for the letters...
  12. BilliamGeorge

    Request Intro/Outro Video! (Willing to pay via PayPal)

    I'm looking for someone to help make an intro/out to video! I'm willing to give them a little money for their time! Preferably they could show me and talk to me through it over Skype or something!
  13. Chey

    Request Intro similar to Mr Ben Brown

    Hello there! My name is Chey and I'm willing to pay someone for a intro that is similar to Mr Ben Brown's. The intro will be for a channel named 'Ocean Culture co' which is based around film making and clothing. The company only started recently and we need an intro for the upcoming videos. If...
  14. angietalksalot

    Creating an Awesome FREE Intro & Outro with FilmoraGo

    Hello YTalkers! I am not sure if anyone has posted about this app before but I was so excited to find it I really wanted to share it with you guys! So I found this app called FilmoraGo where you can make fun and cute intros and outros for your videos. Its free to download and it is available...
  15. Elpixion

    Request I need a intro with music


    Welcome To My Channel! Introduction Video! Must See!

    This is my Welcome to my channel video. Watch this epic channel introduction video that you must see. I bet it will be hard to look away from the video. This showcases a lot of the work I have done on YouTube over the years. It took me a really long time to put this together so, I really hope...
  17. Forrz


    Hey, I am new to YouTube and want to get my name out there by helping others. I have a free and relatively simple editing software, HitFilm 4 Express, but am very good at making pretty cool introduction sequences. I will also let you see if you like it before you purchase it, and if you do not...
  18. SmokeySpace

    Services Closed

    I am not making intros anymore, and idk how to delete threads so...
  19. A

    Request Looking for a Intro and Outro Designer

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for a Intro/Outro Designer for my TOP 5 Videos! The Designer should make me a Countdown Intro from 10 to 1 and a outro (with Like, Subscribe and so on). Send me offers with ideas and prices please! alyen
  20. Tuttiman

    Request Looking for someone who can make a unique channel logo+banner, on sync intro and outro. For free.

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can make decent channel start up stuff to help me launch my channel. I used to have a channel but it got disabled and I believe i have recovered to a state to bring back youtube. If you are interested and willing to help drop me your skype... thanks it would...
  21. M

    How do you open your videos?

    So my opening line for most of my videos with "hey guys it's Merlina" but I felt it was getting a bit repetitive and I decided to change it up with "hey guys, welcome back to my channel" but then I realized, not everyone is "back", and that intro doesn't really include new visitors. Maybe I'm...
  22. Davetp

    Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)

    Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not...
  23. DenVee

    Length of intros?

    How long is everybody's intro for their videos? I remember someone saying short ones are really good because it reduces the time people can click off your video before it actually starts, is I keep mine to 4 seconds short. Thoughts?
  24. W

    Request Anyone interested in making an intro video for a shoutout?

    Hi I've been looking for people to help make me an intro video. I don't really have any money , but I can help promote your channel. Let's be partners !
  25. 10ACITY

    Favourite intro?

    I don't think this has been done before because when I searched the title, I only found posts in the introduction section containing the word favourite... Also, I don't know if this belongs here or I'm the intro, graphics and music section... Anywaaaaaaaay...who has your favourite intro on...
  26. M

    How do you introduce yourself in your videos?

    Hello all, I was doing a short intro for one of my videos and I wasn't sure how to start... Basically I wanted to say something like "hey guys, it's me and todays video is about whatever todays video was about.." But I wasn't sure whether to use my name or my username when introducing myself...
  27. Its_Errelevant

    My new Intro and Outro Showcase

    This is my first attempt at an intro and outro. I did what i could with what i had. I would really like some feedback on the quality of it. I Know it is not great, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do.
  28. Its_Errelevant

    The Intro and Outro I've been working on [Feedback?]

    Just a quick video to showcase the intro and outro. Please leave some feedback. I would really appreciate it.
  29. The Dinky Gamer

    Intro's and Outro's

    I'm not overly fond of intro's, mainly because they can tend to be long. I do wonder though, do they help in making your channel look "professional"? Do folks even care about seeing an intro?
  30. H

    Request 3D Intro Request

    Hey guys, basicly I need a 3D Intro for my clan, I would pay 10$ if you do it fast and decently. Contact me on skype if you are interested: francisco.miguel86 Best regards, HaasChannelBumpBump x2