Favourite intro?


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I don't think this has been done before because when I searched the title, I only found posts in the introduction section containing the word favourite...

Also, I don't know if this belongs here or I'm the intro, graphics and music section...

Anywaaaaaaaay...who has your favourite intro on YouTube? My personal favourite is Peter Mckinnon's artistic, dynamic and brief intro. I also like MKBHD's intro.
I don't really like their content however the youtuber KYR sp33dy has the classic intro. (or did when i watched him years ago)

assuming i can't say myself but i think our intro is snazzy i love the lil animation.

Also GameGrumps. They are number 1 best intro.
Intro's as an attention grabbers? or like text intros? Either way I personally don't like text intros. I can understand the branding aspect of it but if your branding is strong every where else it shouldnt matter. But my favorite intro is anything funny that grabs my attention. :)