Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)


Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not Intro Designing, So this is where I need you lovely peoples help. I am in the process of rebranding and deleting all my old content as my channel will have a fresh start with the launch of 'Dave & Co'

What I Would Like:
The intro means a lot to me and it has to be something that is memorable (like most tv show intros) however something that does not feature me or any of my characters, this is because the characters will most likely change through years of the show. I want the intro to appeal to the teen generation. You can pick the music however you must ensure that it is free to use commercially.

What I do not want:
I do not want a Dubstep, flashing, Electro, intro as you see many a time with small YouTubers.

Go by your gut feeling, not too long, not too short

What you get:
You will get your channel name and link in the description box of all my videos and a shout out on the first episode of my show. Your name will also be featured in the credits of the episode.

Contact me via PM or Email

Many Thanks, Davetp